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ROBERT L. MARONIC: The Hypocritical Toleration Of Antisemitism

The Hitler Youth Among College And University Presidents

If the radical leftist students, who have been unlawfully protesting against the Israel-Hamas war at 64 colleges and universities since April 18, had been demonstrating against African Americans, transsexuals or gays, the schools’ presidents would have shut these protesters down within an hour while the police would have quickly arrested and jailed them. Then these “courageous” administrators would have proudly expelled, and prosecuted all the protesters proclaiming a victory over the extreme far right on MSNBC and CNN.

Case Closed.

Unfortunately, because of the scourge of neo-Marxist CRT along with DEI throughout U.S. higher education during the past two decades many administrators have repeatedly, complacently and hypocritically allowed Jew-hatred and antisemitism to take root and flourish on their campuses, especially this spring.

The objective academic pursuit of the truth be damned.

According to CRT, Israel is mendaciously viewed as a western colonialist oppressor while the Palestinians, especially in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, are viewed as a righteous colonized oppressed people. Therefore, the Jewish state is illegitimate, and must be immediately replaced with an inclusive more equitable Palestine fulfilling the macabre genocidal chant of “from the river to the sea.”

The history of the Jews in the Holy Land be damned.

Never mind that the Islamic Nazis of the Middle East or Hamas, whom the fanatical Shiite clerics in Iran lavishly fund with their oil revenue, have dictatorially and ruthlessly ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007 totally suppressing all political opposition, brutally oppressing the Palestinian people, and using them as human shields or passive cannon fodder since October 7.

The life of the Palestinian civilian be damned.

In my opinion, what has been most disturbing this spring about the vehement and vile anti-Semitic protests at such large universities as Columbia and UCLA has been the total silence of Joe Biden’s Justice and Education Departments. I highly suspect with 99% certainty that this is because of Biden’s disgraceful and pitiful attempt to appease “uncommitted” Palestinian Americans numbering in the tens of thousands, and to gain votes in November from pro-Hamas Democrats. This is certainly true in such swing states as Michigan, Minnesota and elsewhere.

It strongly appears that ‘the Squad’ and other radical far leftist Democrats, as personified by the two Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), continue to pull the strings of the cognitively impaired puppet-president in the White House.

Meanwhile, it is open season on Jewish students at scores of colleges and universities in the U.S., which may continue into summer school and the early fall semester long after the end of spring commencement.

Fortunately, that will give Congress plenty of time to investigate the hypocritical toleration of antisemitism and the Hitler Youth by 64 college and university presidents since April 18.

  • Robert L. Maronic


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