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Virginia Dems Refuse To Support Female Athletes

By Kerry Dougherty and first published on Bacon’s Rebellion and Kerry: Unemployed and Unedited.

I’m old.

Old enough to remember when there were sane members of Virginia’s Democrat Party.

They’ve apparently died or left the building and the party is under the complete control of woke loons. Like Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, the former Speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, who recently pretended not to understand why the Old Dominion needs a law prohibiting transgendered athletes from competing in female sports.

(Frankly, I have no problem with trans-men competing against males. Let ‘em try. Truth is, females are smaller and don’t have the strength of men and no amount of hormones and body hair will give them an unfair competitive advantage over biological males.)

Referring to HB1387, a bill introduced by Del. Karen Greenhalgh of Virginia Beach that would require athletes to compete in sports that comply with their biological gender, Filler-Corn voted against the bill and called it “mean-spirited,” sneering: “We have had transgender youth living in the commonwealth, and there has been no takeover of women’s sports,” she said. “I just don’t understand why this conversation continues.”

Yet, Ms. Filler-Corn, there hasn’t been a complete takeover of women’s sports by men, YET. It’s happening all over the country, however, and Virginia athletes have suffered because of the permissive atmosphere that’s enveloping sports, creating unfair advantages for trans athletes who compete against females. These rules are being made by athletic governing bodies that are terrified to enshrine common sense out of fear of incurring the wrath of militant lefties.

Like Filler-Corn and company.

Anyone else remember Reka Gyorgy? She’s the Virginia Tech swimmer and former Olympian who was bumped from the NCAA finals this year by Lia Thomas.

Ask her why we need this law, Del. Filler-Corn.

Del. Greenhalgh’s bill passed out of an education subcommittee by a 6-4 vote, along party lines. Color me unsurprised. Democrats are in lockstep on “trans rights.” To the detriment of women. No one cares about biological women anymore.

Ultimately, the bill will die in Louise Lucas’ brick-wall Democrat majority Senate, however.

Let’s hope the GOP in the House of Delegates sticks together to pass this bill. That way, Virginia Democrats in both chambers will be on the record with their votes.

Let’s see Democrats campaign later this year on a platform of wanting to ruin women’s sports.

I dare them.

Update Feb. 3, 2023: HB1387 narrowly passed out of a House of Delegates Education Committee, 11 Y – 10 N. Del. Salam “Sam” Rasoul (D-Roanoke) was one of the nay votes. 


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