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Governor Youngkin Sends Virginia Based National Guard Troops to Southern U.S. Border

Virginia to support Operation Lone Star to secure border, reduce illegal flow of fentanyl

Governor Glenn Youngkin has issued Executive Directive Four, Deploying Targeted Resources in Response to the Emergency Management Assistance Compact Request from the State of Texas to Address the Ongoing Southern U.S. Border Crisis.

Due to continued instability along the U.S. border with Mexico, including the increase in supply of illegal drugs and human trafficking, Texas made a request for assistance to all states and territories through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), of which Virginia is a founding member.

On May 16, 2023, Texas requested states provide military support to assist in managing such conditions. Per Gov. Abbott’s request, Virginia will be deploying 100 troops. Fentanyl and illicit drugs flowing over our border are devastating Virginia families and communities, an average of five Virginians die per DAY from fentanyl.

“The ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As leadership solutions at the federal level fall short, states are answering the call to secure our southern border, reduce the flow of fentanyl, combat human trafficking and address the humanitarian crisis. Following a briefing from Governor Abbott last week, Virginia is joining other states to deliver on his request for additional assistance. Given the intensive resource demands on Texas, the dangers posed by the fentanyl crisis, and impact of the border crisis on criminal activity to the Commonwealth, Virginia will do its part to assist the State of Texas’ efforts with the coordinated deployment of Virginia National Guard soldiers to assist in key aspects of their mission.”

U.S. Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) released the following statement of support:

“Our country is currently in crisis due to the Biden Administration’s inability to control our southern border. Here in Virginia, we too feel the effects of the Administration’s flawed open border polices. Fentanyl smuggled over our southern border has devastated communities across the Commonwealth and continues to do so every day.

“I applaud Governor Youngkin’s decision to deploy 100 Virginia National Guard troops to Texas in an effort to secure our southern border, combat human trafficking, and stem the flow of deadly fentanyl pouring into our country.”

Congressman Ben Cline (R), who represents Virginia’s 6th District, added his support: “I commend @GovernorVA for deploying Virginia’s National Guard to help the State of Texas stop Biden’s Border Crisis, which has turned every state into a border state. While Joe Biden refuses to secure the border, Virginians stand with our Governor who’s fighting to protect it.”


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