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A Sad Day For Virginia

We’re all in the same boat, when it comes to climate (whether we like it or not.)

In Virginia, we were in a program (The RGGI – Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) adopted by ten other states in our region to keep our state running and going in the right direction when it comes to electricity.

This initiative encouraged electricity plants to shift from dirty to clean energy.

A Quick Review:

About half of the money raised by RGGI is used to fight things like flooding right here in Roanoke, sea rise in Hampton Roads, and improved efficiency everywhere in our state. That means less human suffering and more money in our pockets. Anyone who has survived a flood knows how devastating it is not only to the families and businesses flooded out, but everyone in the community. I know, from personal experience, a flood is a disrupter that leaves tragedy in its wake.

The other half of the money raised by RGGI goes to help struggling families to improve energy efficiency at home so they can afford to patch the holes in their houses that allow heated air to leak out, which, in turn, also provides a barrier to keep the cold winter air out. Failing to help these families stay warm and dry moves them yet another step towards homelessness.

Why has our new Governor done away with this initiative which has worked so well to replace it with——-?

Well that’s the problem: There is no plan B.

Remember, when our town floods, we all suffer. It’s an instant  tragedy for every man, woman and child; flooding is not a partisan issue.

I have a suggestion to consider: Imagine with me if all carbon were to be taxed at the source and that the tax revenue was then given back to the citizens of this Commonwealth. The problem would be just about solved.

Back in December I implored Gov. Youngen, “Please don’t shoot the mule until you’ve learned how to drive the tractor.”

82% of Americans want clean energy. I, and many others from both sides of the aisle want climate policies  to be successful because when it comes to flooding — our lives depend on it.

Our Governor taking us out of RGGI is a partisan politically motivated decision that will hurt ALL Virginians.

Joy Sylvester-Johnson, Volunteer
Roanoke Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby

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