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6 Proven Ways to Effectively Use Promotional Products to Boost Your Business

Want to make your brand more recognizable and valuable in 2023? If so, you need to find ways to make your brand more widespread in the community you’re doing business in. Promotional marketing strategies offer a fantastic way to achieve this goal. Here are six proven ways to effectively use promotional products to boost your business:

1. Using them at Professional Conferences

When you want your company to succeed, you’ll often need help from fellow business-minded people. If you want to spread your brand far and wide, you’ll need to have business partnerships that will help highlight your company and the goods/services you have to offer to the public. Trade shows and other professional conferences are great places to make these valuable connections. You can use promotional items at trade shows to break the ice, and let other company heads know about your brand’s value. Then, you can work with them post-show to determine a way you can boost each other, and bring your companies to new heights of success.

2. Tying in Promo Items with Purchases

Promotional items can be handed out alongside purchases to increase the value of your customer’s interactions with your brand. If you’re buying bulk orders of branded pens, you can afford to give them out to practically anyone, with any purchase. Because you’ll be giving out what’s essentially a usable gift card, the customer will then have an item that has your contact information and brand nicely laid out for them at all times. Since everyone needs a spare pen every now and then, but few people own them as consistently these days, pens have remained a staple of promotional marketing giveaway strategies. If you use this item correctly, it will help write your business a check for success.

3. Buy Based on Your Customer’s Needs

To ensure your promotional marketing campaign will be a huge success, you’ll need to target items that will be certain to give value to your customers. For example, if you run a health and fitness-centric company, buying branded snack packs of healthy nuts and fruits can be a great way to put yourself out there. People love free food after all, and by giving out something that appeals to the health-minded nature of your customers, you will demonstrate that you truly care about their future health needs. If you can pull this off successfully, the customer you give the branded snack packs out to will be much more likely to come to you later on for their future health and fitness needs.

4. Encourage Public Sharing

If you want your brand to reach a ton of new eyes, having a social media presence is key. To help boost your social media presence, encourage people to share their free promotional gift online with their friends. To encourage them to do so, you should offer some type of discount (or another free gift) to reward them for their effort. If you want to achieve huge marketing success for little-to-no money on your end, this is the way to go. While this strategy may seem difficult at first, you’ll be amazed at how easily it can be achieved. There’s a reason so many businesses throughout a huge variety of industries continue to use promotional marketing campaign strategies, after all.

5. Offer “Premium” Promo Items to Valued Customers

For customers that are already loyal, and who you want to keep loyal, giving out higher-quality, “premium” promo gifts is highly recommended. Giving out nice-looking hats, drinking glasses, or other high-value items to those who’ve stuck with your company, and who have helped to build your brand, is a great way to get directly involved in the customer’s life. If you handle this strategy successfully, you’ll be cultivating a mass of customers who will stay loyal to your brand for life.

6. Buy Items That Can Be Used Over and Over

If you give out promo items that can be used frequently, and often, they will have more value in cultivating an emotional connection between your customer and your brand. For example, if you give out a drinking cup, and your customer drinks out of it often, they will begin developing an emotional connection with that cup. Since that cup has your information and brand on it, that marketing will be stuck in their brains forever. Additionally, anyone the customer allows to drink out of that cup will see your brand, and become aware of the value your business has to offer to them.

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