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Annual City Neighborhoods’ Awards Program Announced

This annual awards program recognizes and honors the outstanding contributions, excellence and accomplishments achieved by neighborhood organizations and civic individuals who have partnered with city departments, schools, nonprofits, businesses, institutions and others to:

  1. Make physical and/or social improvements to our neighborhoods,
  2. Connected neighbors and/or neighborhoods with one another, and/or
  3. Built the capacity of their neighborhood organization to better serve our community.

To be considered:

  • The project or activity must have been carried out during the 2023 calendar year.
  • A Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by November 18th.
  • A separate Nomination Form must be submitted for each activity or individual being nominated.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted by any one individual or group.

Award Categories

There are 7 Neighborhood Award categories with one (1) additional 8th overall award category (Neighborhood All-Star Award) as follows:

  • Neighborhood Communications Award: For excellence in getting the word out
  • Neighborhood Improvement Award: Recognizing a neighborhood project and/or activity that improves and/or enhances a neighborhood’s quality of life
  • Neighborhood Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award: Recognizing an individual who has given outstanding leadership service to his or her neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Youth Volunteer Award: For service to Roanoke’s neighborhoods
  • Neighborhood-City Partnership Award: Recognizing a City Department or employee who assisted and/or provided resources to a neighborhood organization on a project, program, or activity that improved/enhanced the neighborhood’s quality of life
  • Neighborhood-Community Partnership Award: For contributions made by a business, nonprofit, school and/or other institution to improve the surrounding neighborhood/community
  • Neighborhood Arts Award:  For a neighborhood project or activity that improves the quality of visual and/or performing arts in the neighborhood, and/or enhances the character and/or surrounding area of the neighborhood through visual and/or performing arts
  • Neighborhood All-Star Award:  Recognizing the exceptional accomplishments achieved by an eligible neighborhood organization, individual, and/or institution recognized and nominated in one or more of the eight (8) Neighborhood Partnership Award categories that improved and/or enhanced a specific neighborhood and/or city neighborhoods’ quality of life. (Note: There is no nomination form for this award.)

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