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SCOTT DREYER: MSNBC Smears Virginians For Concerns About Violence, Illegal Immigration… and West VA?

Each year the Gallup organization polls Americans about their trust levels in various institutions. Sadly, trust in almost all of them has been in steady decline, if not freefall. In an October 2023 report, “The 32% of Americans who say they trust the mass media ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ to report the news in a full, fair and accurate way ties Gallup’s lowest historical reading, previously recorded in 2016.”

“Another 29% of U.S. adults have ‘not very much’ trust, while a record-high 39% register ‘none at all’ (emphasis mine). This nearly four in 10 Americans who completely lack confidence in the media is the highest on record by one percentage point.”

If anyone needed more reason to distrust, dislike, or even loathe corporate media, leftwing MSNBC dished out a repugnant insult on March 5 as part of their “Super Tuesday” coverage.

Jen Psaki used to be Joe Biden’s Press Secretary. Now, she’s an anchorwoman on MSNBC, which is one more example of corporate media bias.

Psaki was telling her co-hostesses Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Nicole Wallace about immigration being a number-one issue among Virginians, as seen from exit polling as reported in this blog.

Note the dishonesty. No, “immigration” is not the “number one issue.”  “ILLEGAL immigration is. There’s a huge difference, and Psaki knows it. She just won’t say it. It’s like they get their inspiration from the fast-talking pig “Squealer” in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Elon Musk, himself an immigrant to America…actually a “White African-American,” exposed the deceit of confusing the legal/illegal issue with this post:

Psaki’s remark got some giggles from the others, then Rachel Maddow, a particularly unctuous sort, tried to be cute and added, “Virginia does have a border with West Virginia.”

What a disgusting dodge.

Why, yes, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia. Actually, there has been one since the Mountaineers decided in the middle of the Civil War to break away from their Democrat, slave-holding fellows in the rest of Virginia and create their own state that was welcomed into the Union by Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

But back to today. Polls show Virginians rank illegal immigration as our biggest concern, and the violence that goes with it. Rather than acknowledge that, or try to do something about it, the MSNBC ladies just have a jolly time.

To the laughter of the others, Maddow chirped that the VA/WV border is a “very contested area.” Actually, it was contested during the later part of the Civil War, when what is today a state border was actually a national border, between the USA and the Confederacy. But on that issue, Maddow is about 160 years too late.

So much for “breaking news.”

At that point, I can’t tell who said it, but one of the five quipped, “build the wall” (more laughter).

What’s up with that? Are they insulting West Virginians by implying they are ogres, and we in the Old Dominion need to build a wall to keep them out?

Or are the insulting us Virginians by insinuating we are the dangerous ones and need to be kept out of West Virginia?

For us here in the Roanoke Valley, the West Virginia line is only an hour or so away; for those in the NRV, it’s less than that. Just this week I was chatting with a friend who works in Salem, and he has several colleagues who live in the Mountaineer State and they cross the state line twice a day commuting.

No, we don’t need a wall between states. We need to enforce the laws we have, because if you don’t have a clearly-defined and defended national border, you don’t have a country.

Simply put, in our area we’re one cultural region, and the MSNBC harpies have made it abundantly clear they are insulting all of us.

You can watch the ugly MSNBC episode here.

It’s not just a cliché, but nowadays, each state is a border state, and as reported here, Gov. Glenn Youngkin has declared Virginia’s solidarity with Texas in seeking to stem the illegal invasion. And although Maddow might find it hilarious to point out that Georgia has borders with Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas, it’s no laughing matter that nursing student Laken Riley was murdered in Athens, Georgia by an illegal alien from Venezuela.

The election is over seven months away, much can and will happen, and polls will go up and down. However, as reported here, some recent polls show Biden and Trump within the margin of error in Virginia. Imagine how you would feel on Election Night if you found out Virginia flipped to Trump, expelling Biden from the White House, taking Tim Kaine out with him, and wiping the smug smiles off the MSNBC hosts’ faces, all in one swoop?

Time will tell.

–Scott Dreyer

Source: The Federalist

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