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Steve Dean Running For Chairman of Botetourt County Republican Committee

Election is Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Lord Botetourt High School, Route 220, Daleville.

Anyone can vote, you do not have to be a member of the Republican Committee.  However, this is also how democrats can tip our election.  We need men and women who want Botetourt governed by integrity to VOTE on MARCH 23.  There is NO cost to vote, just a little time out of your day.

Botetourt’s Republican party was infiltrated by democrats and RINOs. They did not follow Robert’s Rules of Order at meetings.

I was asked why I don’t have more campaign signs out in Botetourt.  The reason is because they are being STOLEN.  What a way for adults to conduct themselves and set an example to their children, grandchildren, and neighbors, huh?

If you may think this election is not important and that you do not need to participate with your vote, please consider these consequences that Botetourt County is suffering from under the current regime:

  • Runaway spending and higher taxes that affect your standard of living;
  • The new budget with over 4 million dollars in increased spending;
  • Approximately $68 million to $100 million in debt;
  • Increased traffic levels and accidents through Route 220 resulting from all the apartment building;
  • Apartments that include Section 8 Housing may being subsidized by the federal government for illegal immigrants;
  • Public schools are teaching indoctrination and revisionist history as the U.S.A. falls behind other countries in REAL education, such as math and science:

  • Deteriorating conditions of our school buildings;
  • Botetourt County Administrator Gary Larrowe gets $205,000 annual salary in a five-year contract, when Governor Youngkin earns approximately $175,000. Why should ANY county administrator make more than their governor?! Who has more responsibility?  Your taxes pay for Gary’s quality of life, plus his county vehicle.

  • Your taxes also help pay for the Deputy County Administrator David Moorman’s salary and his vehicle – but Moorman does not live in or pay taxes in Botetourt County;
  • Deputy Administrator David Moorman was responsible for hiring Library Director Julie Philips in 2019 after being fired from her library position in Greenville, SC after her involvement in a drag queen story hour situation.
  • Pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, perverse books, gender-confusing, and witchcraft books and e-books are being bought with your tax money and loaned to children and teenagers by Botetourt County public libraries and coming in from Roanoke libraries under the director of Library Director Julie Phillips;
  • The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors repeatedly denied, trivialized, and dismissed the requests nearly 1,300 (and increasing) County residents who want these sexually explicit books removed. Citizens who want to restore Community Standards of Decency were falsely accused of “book banning,” but when librarians choose not to include certain books, it’s called “curating”;
  • The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors ignored a Draft Resolution presented to them by citizens that offered solutions to this sexually explicit book problem, and instead presented their own Resolution praising Library Director Julie Phillips, who is behind the purchase and loaning of these books;
  • In last election, there were only a little more than 700 votes cast. That means 700 Botetourt citizens were able to make decisions for ALL of us.

The Chairman’s position cannot vote for lower taxes or better education but can select the right candidates and hold the Board accountable.  As it is now, this Republican committee is not doing the job they are supposed to do.

I will put integrity back into the Republican Committee and we will find candidates who will work for all of the citizens, not just a few special interest groups with the most money.

The following is my platform:
I pledge to hold monthly meetings;
I pledge to support only conservatives candidates;
I will establish committees to recruit conservative candidates;
I will establish subcommittees for greater member participation;
I will support registration drives to increase voter turnout;
I will establish outreach to enhance community involvement;
I will support Young Republicans in high schools;
I will support establishing BCRC scholarships for students;

To see my qualifications for this position, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

If you want to know what I will do and where I stand, please watch the video at this link:

Please vote for Steve Dean for Chairman of Botetourt County Republican Committee, and help restore financial, educational, developmental, and moral integrity to Botetourt County, Virginia.

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