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The Wrecking Ball Finally Cometh

The Roanoke City Mills complex has been a permanent part of the Roanoke skyline since 1917, storing and distributing countless tons of grain for area farmers during that time. The Mennell Milling Company which purchased the mill in 1973 was one of several private businesses that were forced to sell their property to the Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority in a controversial application of eminent domain law. (Mennell Milling now has a facility located in SW Roanoke County.) Carilion Clinic was then allowed to purchase the property from the Housing Authority for use in its future business plans / expansion. Proponents of the transaction have pointed to the development of the new Medical College now underway and it has generally been assumed that the Mennell property will be utilized as part of that project, but Carilion has not yet disclosed how the land will be used. Carilion Spokesperson Eric Earnhart advises the demolition will take approximately four months.

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