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The Recipe of the Week from The Happy Chef: Tiny Cream Cheese Biscuits

I taught in the public schools of Danville for 7 years. The principal at my school was one of the most beautiful, pure-hearted people I have ever known. Her name is Judy Williams. We had problems at our school, like all schools do – problems between teachers and students; problems between teachers and parents; problems between students; problems between teachers and teachers. Always lots of drama to go around!

During all these problems, Judy had us read a book – I think it was called, “Managing from the Heart.” At the time I am sure I rolled my eyes and groaned but surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly the main premise of the book has stuck with me all these years. It was to look for the loving intentions behind people’s actions. It has helped me to be more empathetic, less judgmental and to find beauty in some of the strangest places.

When dealing with conflict, hurt feelings or the suffering of others or myself, I try to think of Jesus with the woman at the well. That particular story and the memory of my friend and mentor have informed me about who God is. When I hold a crying two-year old on the first days of pre-school and when I talk to their worried and loving mothers I feel blessed to know that in that struggle of separation, love is at the heart of it all. When I am angry or sad that my mother is no longer here with me physically, I remember what my minister and friend, Tupper, told me during those first days of grief – “it hurts because you love her so much, be thankful for that love.” And I am. I thank God for that wonderful love between mother and child, I thank God for the memory of my time in Danville and what I learned there from Judy about people and our beautiful and strangely complicated hearts. May we all be so blessed to feel God’s Spirit and manage each other with a little more compassion.

During the more difficult times these biscuits have always been comforting and so easy to make, But don’t over do it –  they aren’t very healthy!

1 – 8 ounce package cream cheese, softened

½ cup butter or margarine; softened

1 cup self rising flour

-Beat cream cheese and butter at medium speed of with an electric mixer 2 minutes or until creamy.

-Gradually add flour beating at low speed just until blended.

-Spoon dough into ungreased miniature muffin pans, filling full.

-Bake at 400 degrees for 15-17 minutes or until golden. Serve hot. Yields 1½ dozen.

*ADD SAUSAGE, BACON OR PEPPERONI to the cream cheese-butter mixture before you bake to make these extra yummy and very BAD!

By Leigh Sackett
[email protected]

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