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Vinton District School Board Race

Mike Stovall, Russell Wise and Jason Peters at a recent forum.
Mike Stovall, Russell Wise and Jason Peters at a recent forum.

Mike Stovall is the current Roanoke County School Board member from the Vinton area.  He has served 14 years on the board and is a past school board chairman.  He has been a police detective and volunteer fireman, as well as a member of the Vinton Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club.  He is proud of the building projects at three elementary schools and William Byrd High School in his district, and the fact that the school board has had a balanced budget every year during his tenure.

Russell Wise worked at Appalachian Power for 35 years and was a substitute teacher.  He feels his many years of preparing budgets makes him the most qualified candidate for the job, since in his opinion the budget is the major issue facing the board.

Jason Peters and his wife are raising seven children in their combined household.  He said he has a vested interest in the next 18 years in what happens in the schools.  He is a financial services representative at First Citizens Bank and he decided to run because he feels change is needed.

1.  What is your party affiliation?

Wise:  No affiliation

Peters:  None

Stovall:  Bi-Partisan

2.  Who influenced you as a child?

W:  My parents

P:  Seventh grade teacher Joy Wright and my grandparents

S:  My parents who were great role models

3. Why are you qualified for this position?

W:  Education and work experience

P:  The desire to better our school system and 13 years of financial training

S:  My 14 years of experience as a current school board member

4.  Do you have children?

W:  Yes

P:  Yes, between my wife and I we have seven.  She had five, I had one and now we have one together

S:  Yes, three

5. How old are you?

W:  N/A

P:  33

S:  47

6. Name two good reasons people should vote for you.

W:  My education and experience

P:  I am dedicated to my community and I will be an advocate for our district, working with our School Board and Board of Supervisors to solve problems and see projects through from start to completion

S:  My leadership and my experience

7. How did you meet your spouse?

W:  Church

P:  Church

S:  Introduced to me by my best friend

8. Can you play an instrument?

W:  Yes, trumpet

P:  No

S:  No

9. Have you had any major obstacles in life to overcome?

W:  N/A

P:  Loss of life working in the Fire and Rescue Department

S:  The death of my son and the recent death of my father

10. Did you vote in the last three elections?

W:  Yes

P:  Absolutely, I always vote

S:  Yes

11. How long have you lived in your district?

W:  29 years

P:  All my life

S:  My whole life

12.  Who do you admire now?

W:  My family

P:  My grandparents

S:  My wife Patsy for her love and support for me for over 21 years

13. What kind of music do you like and what can’t you stand?

W:  I like easy listening and don’t like rap

P:  I like country and soft rock and dislike rap

S:  Like country and gospel and dislike hard rock

14. If elected, what are your top three priorities?

W:  Maintain top quality instruction in our schools; provide an atmosphere in our schools such that teachers and students can excel in their efforts; promote communication between schools and parents

P:  Set an agenda to get our finances in order so we can unfreeze teacher pay and provide the increases they deserve; keep our parents informed, develop and maintain open communication with issues like swine flu; accountability – when I promise something to you I will follow through

S:  Use my 14 years experience on the school board to see it through these tough budget challenges, as a last resort keeping all full time personnel employed and continue to be available and involved as a School Board Representative for the people of my district

15. Have you made any campaign promises, something you will absolutely stick to?

W:  No promises made

P:  See answer above for my list of priorities and promises that yes, I will stick to

S:  To continue to work hard to provide a quality education for the children of my district

By Carla Bream
[email protected]

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