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Letter – Voter Fraud Unacceptable

Dear Editor,

American people should no longer be willing to accept vote fraud simply because “both sides do it.” Vote fraud is a crime regardless.  It robs Americans of the government that was voted for. It has become rampant as it was promoted by many voting drive groups.

There were many cases of ballots exceeding votes legitimately cast.  The following are examples of misdeeds that transpired this past election.

1. When votes were cast for one candidate in Boulder City, Nebraska, the touch screen machine was already pre-set for another candidate.

2. In New Bern, North Carolina, Sam Laughinghouse claimed he pushed the button twice to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed that all Democrats were checked.

3. The return address of 250 absentee ballot applications is 1238 North Avenue, which happens to be a vacant lot.

4. In Illinois and perhaps numerous other states, military personnel overseas were “accidentally” denied the right to vote since deadlines were missed. Apparently the DOJ will not pursue any punitive action.

5. In Connecticut, a “Sanctuary City” issued thousands of ID’s accepted for voter registration, allowing illegal aliens to possibly elect the governor.

Reports of voter fraud have become endemic. There needs to be an end to software driven elections. Perhaps paper ballots or a vote count based on adding machine technology, coupled with grassroots verification, is the solution. In any event, objective investigations need to be launched into the vote gathering tactics in every city or county where the ballots in the ballot boxes exceed the number of votes legitimately cast, where properly registered voters were not allowed to cast votes, where pre-punched ballots were issued, or where any kind of vote fraud took place.

To curtail the wholesale manipulation of the electoral system, the prohibition of the wholesale manipulation of the legal system is in order. Transparency, uniformity, and clarity are a must.

– Harsha Sankar, Covington

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