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Faith Christian School Students Present Classical Showcase

First graders perform a Spanish recitation.

Faith Christian School, a distinctly Christian and classical K-12 school located in Roanoke County, presented its Classical Showcase last week to audiences totaling over 400.

The Classical Showcase provides parents and invited guests the opportunity to see students in grades 1-5 perform chants, recitations, songs, poetry and verse that are the foundation for the grammar stage in classical education.  Rote memorization is key to this stage of development while students cover vast quantities of information spanning countless disciplines.  During the showcase, students covered topics such as History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Latin, Literature, Spanish, Bible and Grammar.  Each grade level performed for around 15-20 minutes each.

The performance is a small representation of the curriculum learned by students at this point in the school year.  This includes a brief statement about the topics taught or the classical methods utilized.  It is followed by sharing from the students in varied forms.  During this performance, the students share many of the tools they are taught to apply to all learning.  This includes, but is not limited to, math songs, grammar jingles, scripture verses, geography songs, catechisms, elements of a novel, Latin roots, and even a poem that focuses on the work required to complete a task.

The Classical Showcase accomplishes several objectives.  It serves to inform parents and guests of the classical content and method.  This also provides student the opportunity to present information with confidence and eloquence – a skill which culminates their senior year when they are required to present and defend a Senior Honors Thesis.  Students can appreciate the value of their hard work and diligence in preparing for this performance.  Often times, parents and guests depart while remarking, I wish I had learned all that in school.

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