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Commentary – Greed and Dishonesty Driving Healthcare

Medical insurance companies have increased their profits 51% since 2008, at the expense of  patients and doctors.

During this time many patient’s insurance premiums have more than doubled and payments to physicians have decreased so much that many medical groups have gone out of business due to  lack of payments for their services.

This indicates that greed is prevalent on the part of the medical insurance companies. It is well  known that many CEOs make seven to ten million dollars a year while payments in my office  have become so poor that we were unable to take payment checks for the first eight weeks of  this year. When I do four echocardiograms now I receive $375 less in payments than two  years ago. Why is this?

Once again it has to do with a brazen attitude in getting all the money out of a patient that can  possibly be obtained. This is playing right into commissar Obama’s plans for communist-style  medicine in this country.

Our values are entirely upside-down in America and honesty seems to be a thing of the past.


-Richard M. Newton M.D.


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  1. There are only three parties in this picture. Insurance companies, patients and medical service providers. So how much have medical service providers increased their profits over the past three or four years? Would a 51% profit increase by service providers be OK with you Doc? Let me question you on a few other things too. Do you have a second home at “the lake” or “the beach”? Do you vacation in Aspen or maybe France? Do you drive a Beemer or a Benz? Does the little Mrs have a 2 ct or 4 ct diamond? Do your investments include ownership of businesses or apartment complexes? Does your monthly Visa bill look like my monthly house payment? Do you live in SoRoa or Hunting Hills? I think you get the drift. The patient is footing the bills either for outrageous service costs of medical providers OR outrageous premiums of insurance companies who essentially deny claims right and left. You’ll get no sympathy from me Doc. I’m the guy picking up the tab and the way I see it both insurance companies AND medical service providers like YOU are making way too much money. Me? Yeah, I got to take the family out to get a pizza last night and Sunday, MAYBE we’ll get a bucket of KFC for ten bucks. What’s on your weekend agenda?

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