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Hair Restoration Studio Finds Unexpected New Beginning

You don’t have to be in her presence very long before you receive a warm smile and her full attention.  Christine Slade, a nationally recognized expert in hair restructuring and replacement is now open – albeit unexpectedly – for business in Roanoke.  Her studio, Revive Hair, uses all organic products including color and perms.  In addition to her expertise restoring health and vitality to growth hair, Slade specializes in non-surgical hair replacement.

The amazing part of the story is that less than four weeks ago Slade did not have the resources to even consider this venture.  She had begun work in January at an ill fated spa in Botetourt that closed unexpectedly.  It left her with no work and no funds.  Through the generosity of numerous people she received a space to work, organic products, hair samples and printing costs for brochures and cards.  “Literally on April 14th at 9 AM this was not even on the horizon and on April 15th at noon I had a business license.”  She has been seeing clients since April 17th in a whirlwind of activity that has left her head spinning.

“Loss of hair for any reason is a blow to a person’s self esteem.  I can relate to the emotional pain of hair loss” states Slade.  “It’s important to help restore someone’s dignity when they are experiencing life changes. Providing a private comforting environment where a person can express their concerns is essential to set someone on the path to having beautiful hair again.”

Everyone is familiar with the false hair you can spot when you are walking down the street.  But professional hair replacement is undetectable.  It is possible to replace hair in a way that appears to be growing from the scalp.

Slade recounts a time when an Oncologist in the Shenandoah Valley questioned his patient regarding the fact that she had not lost her hair while undergoing chemotherapy.  He was shocked and surprised when he dislodged her undetectable wig as he tried to tug at her hair to determine if she was experiencing any hair loss.

Over the course of her career Slade has restored hair for a five year old girl just waiting to put on sparkly earrings with her new hair, a male “special ops” client, a teenage boy with alopecia who just wanted to wear hair buzzed under a baseball cap, and an eighty four year old widow who just wanted to look “special” again.

“It is an understatement to say that my job is very emotional” Slade relates.  “Being present for people experiencing the pain of hair loss requires that I relate to their current state of mind. When I can positively affect their attitude by restoring their hair it makes my day.”

Slade offered some tips for restoring vitality to growth hair.  It is important not to underestimate the effect of minerals in the local water supply on the health of hair.  Removing those minerals and even medications from the hair can have a dramatic effect on your appearance.  Using product to restructure hair instead of masking the problem can also go a long way in restoring your growth hair.

When considering hair replacement due to any form of medical intervention, it is important to see a specialist before hair loss begins, if possible.  Planning for replacement before the loss occurs can make a painful process less painful in the long run.  Of course, the unexpected accident or trauma may necessitate the need for replacement hair.  It is possible to replace your hair in a way and time that no one need know.  Often when the prescription is written correctly and the invoice is prepared correctly, medical insurance may cover the cost of hair replacement.


Revive Hair is located at Plaza 101, 3509 Hounds Chase Lane in Roanoke.  Christine Slade can be reached at 540.589.2791, or at [email protected].


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