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Reader Concerned About Safety at Intersection in Southwest County

We are fortunate in Roanoke County that our economy continues to grow with new business opportunities.  But with new growth, we have more traffic concerns.  One of these concerns is at the intersection of Buck Mt. Road and Starkey Road.  With more cut- through traffic going to the new Wal-Mart on Franklin Rd. and the new South County Library on Merriman, we continue to see an increase in traffic on these narrow roads. We have school buses carrying our children from three different elementary schools,  going through this intersection twice a day.

During peak traffic hours this intersection becomes very congested. Traffic backs up on Starkey Rd. while motorists are trying to make a left hand turn on Buck Mt.  These roads are used by large trucks that are delivering fuel from the tanks located on Starkey Rd., and numerous other businesses that require the use of large trucks.  Traffic will only get worse if the proposed Friendship retirement home is built on Starkey Road near that intersection, especially if turning lanes are not required by VDOT for that development.

I would like to request that VDOT do some safety improvements to this intersection, which could include a traffic-slowing roundabout.  If you travel this route and have the same concerns, please help by signing the petition that is located at several businesses in this area.  In the Clearbrook area, Clearbrook Mini Mart will have the petition.  Mulch N More on Starkey Rd, and The Shoe Dr. at 5207 Bernard Dr. also have copies.  You may contact me by email as well, at [email protected].  Thank you for helping to make our roads safer, and let our Board of Supervisors know as well.

Judy Hawks


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