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Lexington Labyrinths Offer Visitors Moments of Reflection / Contemplation

The Halcyon Days Cider Company Labyrinth

Visitors to Lexington/Rockbridge County will find “moments of zen” as they walk three uniquely designed labyrinths located at Robert E. Lee Episcopal Church, Country Retreat at South River Highlands, and an apple tree grove labyrinth at the new Halcyon Days Cidery.

Labyrinths are a form of walking meditation, introspection, prayer, contemplation, and even stress management. No two experiences are the same. A labyrinth is not a maze. There are no choices to make; every turn is a part of the path. The path leads steadily to the center even though from time to time, you will appear to be moving away from it.

Some people find the walk consists of three stages: first, releasing or letting go of the details of your life, which quiets the mind. Second, receiving insights and discernment, this usually happens at the center, a place of reflection, meditation and prayer. Third, returning, with new understanding to the world.

Halcyon Days Cider Company Labyrinth: The Halcyon Days Cider Company, near Natural Bridge State Park, includes an orchard unlike most. More than 2,500 dwarf apple trees have been planted and are being carefully groomed to create walls in the form of a labyrinth. Modeled after the Chartres Labyrinth in France, the Halcyon Days labyrinth is 1.7 miles from the center to outer edge. The labyrinth and cidery will open to the public in 2018.

South River Highlands State of Grace Pulsation Center Labyrinth: Inspired by the family of seven geometries, called the Geometries of Love, this modern day hilltop labyrinth outside Buena Vista, Va. has been a 12 year project. It covers approximately an acre of ground with a stunning 360 degree view of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, as well as nearly eight counties.

Beautiful original sculptures have been strategically placed throughout the interior to draw individuals to stop, look, sense, sit, meditate, and quietly commune. Everything has been meticulously laid out to mathematical proportions. The numbers of 7/16 are used throughout, correlating with the 144 crystalline grid.

The two outer rings have crimson and saffron flags that fly 12 feet high on days of ceremony. The walk to this hilltop is approximately 0.50 to 0.75 miles on an old logging road. Appointments are required for anyone without overnight reservations at South River Highlands and Heartstone Retreat.

Robert E. Lee Episcopal Church: Tucked away on the beautiful campus grounds of Washington and Lee University is the R.E. Lee Memorial Church, founded in 1840. The church’s labyrinth is available to walk for prayer and meditation from dawn to dusk daily.

To learn more about upcoming events and other points of interest in the Lexington/Rockbridge area, call (540) 463-3777 or visit

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