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Carilion Bringing Healthy Eating Options to Hokie Fans and Berglund Center Attendees

Hokie Fans and Berglund Center attendees now have access to healthy meals during games, concerts and events thanks to new partnerships with Carilion Clinic.

For the upcoming football season, several concession stands at Lane Stadium will feature health-conscious menus, aptly titled “Hokie Fit” menus. Hokie fans will now be able to choose fresh meals, including healthy wraps, turkey sandwiches and juices as an alternative to the fast food that’s typically found at sporting events.

“More and more, people are looking for healthy options when they’re out enjoying a concert or a sporting event. We want to continue to encourage that behavior- we want to make it as easy as possible to eat healthy,” said Mike Dame, vice president for marketing and communications.

The integration of Hokie Fit meals in Lane Stadium is largely due to the menu’s success at Virginia Tech’s Cassell Coliseum. VT began offering Hokie Fit meals at the Coliseum two basketball seasons ago, and sales have been continually increasing as more Hokie fans become aware of the new dining option.

There is also a rewards program that lets frequent customers earn free Hokie Fit t-shirts. More than 100 t-shirts were given out last year.

“I think people enjoy healthy eating and staying healthy,” said Jennie Zabinsky, associate athletics director in Sports Nutrition at Virginia Tech. “Part of our success is being able to offer dining options that are nutritious and delicious and easily accessible to fans.”

Carilion will also sponsor a healthy meal program for all future events held at the Berglund Center starting in October 2018. Each meal pack will feature the Carilion Children’s logo, and a dollar from every meal sold will benefit the Carilion Clinic Foundation.

“We hope that by making these meals accessible as well as offering options that kids enjoy, more families will be drawn to healthier and more nutritious food when they are at our events,” said Koby Hearn, corporate partnerships and group sales director at the Berglund Center.

In the future, Carilion plans on working with partners to further expand eating options at more venues.

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