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DICK BAYNTON: Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Dick Baynton

In year 2000 there were 11 sanctuary jurisdictions in the U.S., by 2009 there were 40 sanctuaries, by 2016, there were 338 and in 2018 there are now 564 sanctuary jurisdictions. What is going on here? The answer is simple; our former president was promoting globalism; the philosophy that no matter where you were born, you are a citizen of the world.

That’s true to an extent but it ignores the concept of national sovereignty related to borders, law and order, culture and economic structures. Globalism is promoted through such manifestations as open borders, the Paris Climate Accords in 2015 and the withdrawal of the ‘missile shield’ in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Obama scoffed when presidential candidate Mitt Romney expressed the opinion that Russia was our #1 geopolitical foe. Romney lost the election; Obama removed the ‘missile shield’ and now a more than year-long wasteful multi-million dollar investigation has been trying to find collusion between Trump and Russia.

These are policy changes that Obama made hoping to be the savior of the world in conjunction with the United Nations and by transforming our enemies into friends. Adversaries like Putin should not be trusted to act in the interest of anyone other than their own deadly attempts at domination of other countries, especially neighbors.

Globalization removes borders and the ‘red tape’ of becoming a citizen of any country using the illogical notion that promotes integration for the sake of diversity. That is as senseless as government subsidizing gender change when the grass looks greener on the other side of the gender divide by who is Bi-Sexual or Transsexual. Governments that act in accord with political correctness replace natural laws with synthetic conjecture.

A recent church publication contained a photo of women holding hand-made signs; one read, “Support refugees, not ICE”, another “Hey you congress, we need immigration reform’ and a third “We all come from earth, no one is illegal.” Churches are worldly and are concerned with the spiritual, physical and economic well- being of humans wherever they are. All denominations of religious groups are interested in growing their flocks. It is probably safe to say that most religious denominations are ‘globalist.’ That aligns perfectly with their efforts at peace, faith in God and adherence to the doctrine of their denomination.

Globalism is a theory not a reality; in other words it sounds good but it can’t work over the long term. Here’s an example; trade among nations that amounts to about $77 trillion per year in the trading of goods and services. If ‘globalized’ there would need to be a ‘Commercial Trade Authority’ (huge bureaucracy) located in big cities with hundreds perhaps thousands of monitors and arbitrators in every port and country in the world of about 200 nations.

One of the most conspicuous examples of ‘partial’ globalism is the leaky linkage of the 28 countries of the EU. It may have started out a commodity trading consortium alliance but added migration of people moving by choice to countries with better welfare offerings and skills training. In order to raise people from poverty and paucity should be to promote development of natural resources and training skills in their native lands rather than taking up the ‘noble’ cause of moving them thousands of miles where they must learn a new language, obey new laws and regulations, endure a period of a few years to acclimate to new cultures, climate conditions, recreational sports, shopping, currency and educational opportunities.

The world will always be stuck with tyrants who create refugees that in turn transfer people and wealth from one nation to another. Eventually the host nations run out of money to subsidize extraction (minerals, petroleum, coal, etc.) and industrialization in less developed countries. Funding refugees who were former citizens of their home countries is in reality simply meeting the objectives of the oppressive regimes that wanted to get rid of any sliver of disaffection by their vassals. The best immigrants are those who desire freedom and self determination, not refugees who are forced to leave their native land.

Sanctuary jurisdictions, the foster children of globalization run counter to national sovereignty, individual prosperity and lawful behavior; sanctuary status is a stumbling block, not a building block.

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