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DENNIS GARVIN: Social Justice in America: Typical Hypocrisy

Dennis Garvin

Social Justice claims to represent the downtrodden, disenfranchised, and victimized.  Among their worthy efforts, however, there lurks an agenda that is malignant.  Among Social Justice Studies on American universities there is a division of good human / bad human.  This applies to any demographic.  There are good blacks and bad blacks.  There are good women and bad women.  There are good Jews and bad Jews.  The designation of good or bad is determined by whether they buy into the remainder of the social justice agenda.

I wish, however, to focus on an effect of this new wave of social consciousness:  rising antisemitism.  It comes in a simple form: Israel is a Jewish nation that represents an occupying force in land once controlled by the now displaced (and downtrodden) Palestinians.  While one might think the enlightened social justice warriors would make a distinction between American Jews and Israeli citizens, that would appear to not be the case and we are seeing a rise in Antisemitism, especially where one might least expect it: centers of higher learning.

Let us take, for an example, Brown University in Rhode Island.  Very exclusive, very liberal.  Are they engaging in this antisemitism masked as social justice?

Herein lies the hypocrisy.  Brown University is located on land previously under the tribal control of the Naragansett Indians.  The Naragansetts were recognized by the Federal government as a legitimate tribe in 1983 (the same Federal government that, under Democratic President Truman acknowledged Israel in 1948).  Where its tribal land once included all of Rhode Island and parts of adjoining states, it now has a reservation of 1800 acres.

I would submit that, before Brown University can takes its place among the social justice warriors of America, it should return all the University land to this Indian Tribe (I use the word Indian because that was the legal designation in 1983).  If Israel is an occupying force of Palestinian land, then Brown University is an occupying force of Naragansett land.  At least Israel obtained its land by United Nations fiat, while the Naragansett land was taken by force or one-way barter.

What would happen if the Naragansett Reservation residents began lobbing rockets into the territory owned by the occupying force (the campus liberals)?  How about sending out terrorists onto the Brown campus to bomb their safe spaces or poison their sushi?  Would the Social justice warrior excuse them as they excuse the Palestinian terrorists who kill Israeli civilians?

In 1947, the United Nations put forth a plan to create both a Jewish nation And a Palestinian nation in what is now Israel.  The Arabs rejected it. After Israel was created in 1948, the nation fought for its existence that very year.  In land occupied by Egypt and Jordan, those nations established the refugee camps.  They refused to permit the assimilation of their fellow Arabs into their respective countries.

Conversely, Jews flocked to Israel from surrounding Arab lands, giving up their property in the process.   Yasser Arafat, the leader of the PLO, committed his first acts of terrorism, not against Israel, but against Arab Jordan.  This is inconvenient history for the Social justice warriors.  They also ignore the substantial non-Palestinian Islamic population within Israel.

There is also a worldwide movement to boycott Israeli products. BDS.  This is a Palestinian invitation to punish Israel.  However, it is also an invitation to punish ourselves.  Israel is massively productive and innovative in, for example, health care:

Who among us will deny to our children or ourselves a lifesaving medication or vaccination because it came from Israel?  For an American to support BDS is rank hypocrisy.

Israel has had 8 winners of Nobel Prizes in scientific disciplines.  Combining all its neighboring Arab countries, there is a total of one.  Remember that the Nobel Prize began in 1901 and Israel didn’t get into the count until 1948.  Other countries, notably Lebanon, Syria, and certainly Egypt, were in legal existence well before Israel.  In the Arab countries, there are three Nobel Peace Prizes that are noteworthy: one to Anwar Sadat, who was assassinated for what won him the award; trying to make peace with Israel. Two prizes went to women who were awarded the prize for working against the Muslim oppression of women.

To splinter Israel and send its scientists out to other countries is to ignore the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  If Brown University wants Israel to return to Arab possession, perhaps they should give their land to the Naragansetts and become an exclusively online university, thereby splitting up all the professors just like they would do to the Israeli Jewish scientific community.

For the reader who is, like me, a Christian, I have a word of caution for those who would embrace Social Justice Antisemitism.  There is a scripture verse that, if you are Christian, you clearly believe:

“Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8.   Well, what was Jesus when he was here on earth?  Among other things, he was a Jew.  If that above bible verse is correct, then Jesus is Still Jewish.  Nowhere in the New Testament does it indicate that Jesus either repudiated his Jewishness or converted to Christianity.  So, have a caution:  your savior  was, and is, an Israeli Jew.

Dennis Garvin

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