DICK BAYNTON: Immigration Reality Check

Dick Baynton

If a person breaks into a bank, law enforcement officials hunt down the perpetrator, incarcerate that person while gathering evidence, conduct interrogations and finally bring the suspect to trial. If found guilty, the felon or criminal suffers the fate of jail time and other consequences. However in some contemporary philosophies, if a person breaks into our country, he or she is festooned with healthcare and other benefits unavailable to other citizens. This is a dichotomy that is an assault on our nation’s sovereignty.

Reality Check: Illegal immigrants are not citizens and do not deserve benefits accorded natural born or naturalized citizens.

This sophistry as promoted by liberal progressives was dredged up in the days when Mr. Obama introduced his philosophy of globalism. Globalism embraces the inference that all nations are equal and the false effectiveness of diplomacy with tyrannical governments such as Russia and Iran.

An important element of globalism is the invalid logic that a citizen of any country is a citizen of all countries; that philosophy failed the EU and may have been part of the reason for withdrawal by UK voters. In our own country, Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi have referred to problems of illegal entry as a ‘manufactured crisis.’

Reality Check: US Border Patrol encountered more than 144,000 illegal immigrants at the Southwest Border, the greatest number in 13 years. May was the third consecutive month that more than 100,000 immigrants were taken into custody from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras; 610,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended so far this fiscal year.  M

ore than 19,000 immigrants are in custody and members of Congress are upset at the crowded conditions. Hatred for President Trump takes precedent over creating legislative funding for added holding facilities and ‘the wall.’ However on June 27th a $4.6 billion bill was passed into law to assist with spiraling expenses at our southern border. This is a temporary fix and is not reflective of long-term immigration legislation.

Here are some brief comments from Democrats in the past: Senator Feinstein in 1994 mentioned that 40% of babies born on Medicaid in California and 17% of our prison population is comprised of illegal immigrants at a cost of $300 million annually; she added, “that’s not what our nation is all about.”

In his 1995 ‘State of the Union’ address, President Clinton mentioned that we are a nation of immigrants but also a nation of laws. He mentioned that we must do more to stop illegal immigration. In 2005, President Obama said this, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become citizens.”

In 2014, Obama mentioned that migrant children without humanitarian claims would be returned. In 2007, Senator Bernie Sanders mentioned that we have very serious immigration problems and added that illegal immigrants lower wages for U.S. workers. In 2009, Senator Schumer said this, “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.”

Reality Check: If Hillary Clinton were now ensconced in the Oval Office of the White House, these Democratic officials would have stood by their earlier statements. But when Trump won the vote of the Electoral College, all dimensions of civility and deference was consumed in the fog of hatred.

Have you heard that six policemen who were having coffee in a ‘Starbucks’ in Tempe, Arizona were asked to leave the store because another customer felt uncomfortable in their presence? Just in the last week there have been incidents in Brooklyn and Harlem (NYC) showing hooligans showering police officers with ice water. Eighteen Marines and a Navy Corpsman have been arrested at Camp Pendleton, CA for smuggling immigrants over the southern border and other offenses. Twenty two elite Navy Seals have been sent home following a drinking party in Iraq where alcohol is prohibited.

Reality Check: It is possible that respect for authority is fading. When we see others acting lawlessly do we assume that we can arbitrarily declare innocence for ourselves when we break the law or dismiss orders from a military commander?

Government rule becomes anarchy when acknowledged leaders are disregarded. Anarchy brings mayhem, confusion, lawlessness and even rioting and violence. We must remain a nation of laws and respected leadership.

Dick Baynton