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As great a development as the internet has been for humanity, it – like all “progress” – has its downside. And like most technology that influences us the resulting “down” has more to do with the fallen-ness of human nature than it actually does the thing itself.

Take today’s hard political divide that now manifests itself not only in the broad culture but in so many personal relationships as well. Have any neighbors, friends or family that seem a touch more distant these days due to their political views?

Yup, thought so. Almost everyone speaks of it to some degree.

Once upon a time most political or social issue conversations were face to face, taking into account the other HUMAN BEING sitting in the next seat or across the lunch counter or standing up in front of us with a cocktail in their hand.

Not anymore. Along with the internet came ”conversations” completely devoid of ANY interpersonal contact / interaction. Now we can just say whatever we want and let the rest of the world go hang …

Or go straight to Hell based on some people’s social media pontifications.

Of course, we all roll our eyes wishing to say, “Please – give it a rest!” But deep down we too feel the urge to yell our own opinions forward. It’s an unfortunate trap – that plays to the far lesser angels of our nature.

So walk and talk carefully out there.

The heart you save may be your own.

– Stuart Revercomb

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