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Rev. John Coffey Academic Achievement Award Presented

The Big Lick Breakfast Club, formerly known as the Big Lick Kiwanis Club, has announced that the winner of their annual academic achievement award will be presented to Kevin L. Sheng, a member of the 2020 graduating class of Cave Spring High School.

Sheng is being recognized for having reached the pinnacle of academic excellence among all seniors of the Roanoke County, Virginia public school system. This award has been re-named to recognize Rev. John Coffey a recently deceased member of the Club who was an ardent supporter of education.

Each year the Club selects a graduating high school senior as a recipient of a $500 award based on that student’s four year academic performance. The students are selected from either the Roanoke City, or the Roanoke County, public high school systems on a rotating basis. This year the award winner was selected from the Roanoke County Public School system.

Kevin’s four year academic records were compared against other high school seniors in the Roanoke County School System and he was determined to have the best overall record. He attended Cave Spring High School and the Roanoke Valley Governors School simultaneously.

The RVGS is a magnet school drawing students from the area high schools. Kevin attended RVGS for four years receiving a 5.0 GPA every year in advanced studies. His subjects at Cave Spring High School were also advanced, where his cumulative GPA as of the end of January was, likewise, remarkably laudable.

Kevin’s goals include pursuing a graduate degree in molecular or computational biology and a future career in academia and entrepreneurship. He represents the future, and looking at his achievements gives us all hope that it is in good hands.

Due to the current Pandemic the BLBC will present the award to Kevin, consistent with governmental guidelines for social distancing. It is our hope that when the City is again open for business we can enjoy Kevin’s company, along with family members and possibly his guidance counselor from Cave Spring High School for breakfast at the Roanoker Restaurant.

The “Club” is a collection of business people; lawyers; tradesmen; business/corporate executives; accountants, and others, including a doctor. The bulk of these members are retired. The BLBC meets on Tuesday mornings for breakfast and fellowship at the Roanoker Restaurant on Colonial Avenue in Roanoke.

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