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COMMENTARY: Democrats Starting to Realize Mail-in Ballots Not Such A Good Idea

Dear Editor,

Democrats are starting to realize that mail-in ballots are not a good idea after all. If 60-70 million mail-in ballots are cast this presidential election, the federal executive branch will be in charge of counting the votes and not the individual state. The reason for this is USPS, a federal agency, will be conducting the delivery.

The federal executive branch can use its full forces and also deputize the National Guard in each state. They can also deputize local and state police to assist with the counting of ballots. Who is the head of the federal executive branch? President Donald Trump. He would ultimately be in charge of counting the ballots due to the fact that mail-in ballots are a significant component in this federal Presidential election. Once one federal agency is highly involved in the conducting of the election, by law the federal executive branch of government becomes in charge of counting the Presidential ballots.

According to the US Constitution(hardly followed anymore), the States do the counting of the Presidential ballots. However, since the conduct of ballot casting may completely change with the heavy involvement of federal agency USPS, the “feds” and its head, the President, assumes total responsibility.

Seven weeks till the election, the “Dems” and “Rinos” are now realizing that mail-ins are a bad idea. They do not want Trump to be in charge of all the counting. Their problem is they feed on the emotions of the day. They lacked farsightedness and simply did not deduce this 3-4 months ago like they should have.

Finally, If a state refuses to allow the federal executive branch to be in charge of counting the votes, the results of the state are null and void. That is why each state should prohibit mail-in balloting unless strict witness requirements are met. The laws governing elections should be simple, comprehensive, and uniform. Otherwise elections would be decided by BAR Attorneys, and not The People.

Harsha Sanka -Covington, Virginia

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