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5 Must-Have Tools When Hiring New Employees

Expanding your workforce with new employees is often seen as a sign of growth and success. In addition to indicating that your business can afford an expansion, it also hints at the opportunities that the future holds for your team.

But getting new employees on board is easier said than done. Unless you have a few choice tools at your hand, it can become incredibly difficult to find the right teammates to welcome to your organization.

To make sure that the process remains as easy for you as possible, here are 5 must-haves when hiring new employees.

1. Job Posting Platforms

Announcing new jobs in local publications or posting new listings on your website is sufficient enough to share your plans with the world. But it is not effective enough to garner active candidates to your organization. For this particular goal, you need to post your jobs on popular staffing platforms instead.

If you work with an HR management firm, you can have instant access to these staffing platforms through the company’s own network. But if your HR department is managing recruitment by itself, you can reach out to these platforms and sign-up for their services. In either case, this provides you with access to viable candidates.


A human resource management system (HRMS) or human resource information system (HRIS) is critical to managing your organization’s workforce. The tool is just as important in executing and handling your recruitment practices. Due to this reason, your business may already have the system in place. If it doesn’t, you can speak to an IT services company to discuss your needs.

Similar to the adoption of creative ways of learning, HRMS opens doors to managing applicants and welcoming new employees with the help of modern technology. Instead of handling a plethora of paperwork, you can easily manage information through your computer as well as mobile device. This makes it a critical tool to have on hand.

3. Referral Systems

Many HRMS or HRIS come with employee referral integrations from the get go. This allows you to obtain any referrals regarding potential candidates that your current workforce has in mind. In case your system doesn’t have this capability, you can use an internal email tool to rollout updates regarding your new job listings along with the referrals you require.

Many employees may be excited to refer people from their social circle anyway. But if you want to encourage more referrals, you can offer certain rewards for successful referral instances. This makes sure that you can get a large number of potential candidates to choose from, which in turn gives you access to a bigger pool of talent.

4. Social Media

If you want to experience the benefits of starting a business with a capable team, you can go beyond the aspect of referrals. Here, you can look into prospects such as social media recruitment tools. These purpose-built solutions can help you assess and contact passive candidates that may otherwise remain off the radar for your business.

Most of these professionals are already active in their current organizations. But you can still arrange interviews and make offers through a video meeting platform. This lets you hire your employees from a segment of talent that is not visible right off the bat. In turn, this helps you source some hidden gems for your organization.

5. Screening Solutions

Once again, many HRMS may have screening tools built-in. But if they do not, you can always use integrations or standalone software that helps you get the most out of your recruitment efforts. These screening tools can work in multiple capacities, which makes them a highly sought after solution for any recruitment team.

Resume screening tools can analyze submitted resumes and filter any applications that are not a match for your requirements. Whereas, background screening tools can do background checks on candidates to determine if they have any criminal charges or problematic instances on record. When put together, these solutions provide you with a shortlist of candidates that are an ideal fit for your business.

By keeping these tools by your side, you can easily recruit ideal talent for your business. This ensures that you have a strong team at hand for your future endeavors, and allows you to follow your plans for growth.

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