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Rocky Mount is “Something Else”

Town launches branding campaign to highlight hometown appeal as “A Great Place to Grow”

The Town of Rocky Mount has unveiled a new branding campaign created to highlight its authentic sense of community, and to share the message that while some may think they know Rocky Mount, the town is “Something Else.”

The campaign, created by Roanoke-based agency Access and spearheaded by the Rocky Mount Economic Development Authority, was developed following months of in-depth community research.

Residents, business owners, community leaders and educators were interviewed and surveyed about the Town’s assets, differentiating features and opportunities to appeal as an entertainment, retail, and tourism destination. The results of that research unveiled a strong shared appreciation for the Town’s hometown feel, the talents of the community and creative entrepreneurship.

“Rocky Mount is an under-appreciated asset in our part of Virginia,” said Daniel Pinard, cultural and economic development director for Rocky Mount. “There is so much to this community – there’s a diverse patchwork of experiences here and a wealth of hidden talent. We have artisans, craftsmen, musicians, educators and so many more people coming together to grow this town, and it’s important we share that message.”

“Rocky Mount is truly the heart of Franklin County,” added Robert Wood, town manager. “It’s the heart of this region of Virginia, and we’re excited to unveil this campaign to show others that while they may think they know us, we’re something else. We’re excited for a new chapter that can continue to grow Rocky Mount and position it as a place not only to return home but as a place to build a new home.”

The campaign tagline “We’re Something Else” plays off a common colloquial phrase and, along with a new logo, print and video assets, the campaign features real residents and business owners. A secondary message that Rocky Mount is also “A Great Place to Grow” is incorporated within the campaign creative as well.

In early August, the Rocky Mount Town Council approved the use of a new logo. The unveiling of the broader advertising campaign to the community today rounds out an extensive effort to rebrand and refocus energy to attract new residents and entrepreneurs and tap into the growth of a popular remote workforce for the Town that has historically served as the center of economic activity for Franklin County.

“We hope that this campaign appeals not only to the people who live here but equally to those who are visiting Smith Mountain Lake just down the road as well as those who are just passing through this part of Virginia, and those simply looking for a place to visit or create a business that is unlike anywhere else,” added Pinard.

The last few years have brought about some significant entrepreneurial successes with the opening of companies like The Grand at 290, Twin Creeks Distillery, the expansion of popular restaurants such as Buddy’s BBQ, and the ongoing success of the Town’s signature music venue, the Harvester. The Town is optimistic that it can build on these successes and create new momentum for added growth.

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