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Roanoke College Resets Published Tuition Price

Roanoke College has announced a series of measures that will strengthen the value and accessibility of a Roanoke College education, including a new published tuition price of $33,510. This news is accompanied by the announcement of additional support for student exploration of purpose, life and career at the College.

Beginning in the fall of 2022 for all new and returning students, Roanoke College will reset its published tuition price from $46,510 to $33,510, aligning the College’s published tuition price closer to what students actually pay.

“I’ve seen many families make decisions based on published tuition prices without knowing that scholarships and financial aid often make the cost of college much more attainable,” said President Michael Maxey. “By lowering the cost barrier, we will put the real value of a Roanoke College education in sharp relief, enabling more to gain from our distinct vision for creating student and graduate opportunities for lives lived on purpose.”

“Providing a clearer picture of what families actually pay will be helpful to everyone who wants to thrive at Roanoke College,” said Dr. Brenda Poggendorf, vice president for enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid. “While we’re proud of our commitment to providing scholarships and financial aid, which will not change, we also know that publishing a price that is much higher than what our students actually pay can be confusing to prospective students and their families, and that’s why we are resetting our price.”

Along with changes to tuition, Roanoke College also announced the launch of a center for Purpose, Life and Career Exploration, a “PLACE” dedicated to helping students explore lives of meaning and purpose through mentorship, experiential learning opportunities and career preparation.

“Research shows that Roanoke College graduates are significantly more likely than graduates from other colleges to find meaningful careers and feel their job is important,” said Dr. Richard Grant, interim vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College. “And there is growing scientific evidence showing that having a strong sense of life purpose is important to emotional and physical health and career success. This is one of the many reasons why we are creating a dedicated space on campus to help further our students’ connections to purpose in life and career.”

The new tuition, for all current and new students, takes effect at the start of the 2022 academic year. Roanoke College’s financial aid and scholarship packages will be adjusted in line with the new tuition, meaning current students and their families can expect to pay the same net tuition price as they currently pay, plus a smaller-than-usual annual tuition increase. Due to the new, lower tuition base, the annual tuition increases students pay over time will be lower than they would have been before the adjustment.

“Roanoke College is stronger than ever. We’ve recently added or expanded academic programs in public health, data science, engineering science and education and management. We’ve introduced new athletics, including men’s and women’s swimming, men’s wrestling and men’s volleyball, and we are expanding our men’s and women’s track and field program. We’re investing even more in mentorship, experiential learning opportunities and career preparation through the launch of PLACE,” said President Maxey. “We’re setting students up for success and helping them find a sense of purpose in their lives — and that is what we want students to think about when they think about Roanoke College. We want them to consider the best overall fit, not an obstructive sticker price.”

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