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MIKE KEELER: This Week’s Writing Challenge

Here’s the challenge I was facing: write a Friday blog so good that I’d be deified.
I read some of my old ones, and I admit they weren’t even on that kind of level.
Not even on the radar.
Looking for new material, I jumped in my racecar.
I went too fast, it was all a blur, so I traded it for a Honda Civic.
Nope, driving around didn’t help, so I hopped in a kayak.
I got so tired I had to come home and slam back a cup of coffee as a reviver.
It didn’t help, so I asked my wife, “Please, won’t you help me, Madam?”
No luck, she sent me to my office, and I slammed the door, as a sort of redivider.
I looked on my computer, looking for anything to which my creativity might refer.
I looked up sports stats.
I checked the news, current events, “this day in history”…my head spinning like a rotor.
I considered calling my mom.
I called Bob.
I tried Eve.
But then I saw it, right on my task bar, that date: 12.2.21
That means yesterday was 12.1.21
Tomorrow will be 12.3.21
And there will another one after that, YAY!
In fact we get nine consecutive days with palindrome dates, WOW!
It’s palindromes for everyone, from Akasaka…
…to Wassamassaw!!
Palindromes for flamenco dancer Sara Baras.
Palindromes for ABBA.
And what a great time to buy some Finnish soapstone from Saippuakivikauppias!!
And so, as we pass through palindromes towards the New Year, I have to ask, “Are we not drawn onward – we few – drawn onward to new era?”
Are we not, Anna-Susanna?
Yes we are. Holy Hannah!
So go ahead, read those sagas.
Play those epic guitar solos.
Eat lunch at noon.
But please, don’t gag.
Enjoy palindrome week. LOL.
Mike Keeler

– Mike Keeler

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