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MIKE KEELER: Rats, Oxen and Tigers – Oh My!

Well this all makes sense…

2020 was a year unlike any other. The world shut down, we all went home, and had to figure out new ways to do things. Work remotely. Shop cautiously. Ration paper products carefully. And try to be as resilient and resourceful as possible. 2020 was also the year of the Rat. And Rats are known to be wise, quick-witted but also fearful and cautious. If they can take advantage of opportunities, they will. But when they have to they will hunker down and patiently wait out any dangers.

2021 was the beginning of a transition. Yes you could get a haircut, go to the gym, and fly to Florida. As long as you took the right medical precautions and behaved appropriately. And the animal of 2021? That would be the Ox. Calm, methodical and conscientious. They can be trusted. But are also stubborn and opinionated. They do the right things. Slow and steady.

And now we come to the New Year, which starts at the New Moon right between the Solstice and the Equinox. And what do we have in store for 2022? We are entering the year of the Tiger, so hold on tight! Tigers are passionate, impatient, overindulgent, unfriendly, and unpredictable. (Long ago in the great race of the animals before the Jade Emperor, the Tiger came in third because the Rat was wiser and the Ox was steadier.) On the other hand, Tigers are the strongest of all beasts, brave and daring. They are incredibly competitive, but also charming, and inspire confidence in others. They are wide open to opportunities. They are dedicated to fairness and justice. As long as Tigers are accepting of others and open to differences, they are incredible leaders.

So here we go. We’re halfway out of winter darkness. And most of the way out of a nightmare. It’s time for new things. Time to get running again. Time to lead. But please, let’s watch our tempers and not lash out along the way. OK?

Let the roaring begin. The year of the Tiger starts on February 1st.

Mike Keeler

– Mike Keeler

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