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What Morgan Griffith Left Out

Dear Editor,

I felt that much was left out of Congressman Griffith’s essay “American Energy can counter Vladimir Putin.”

Yes, America can produce fossil fuels. Actually, we already are the world leader in fossil fuel production. But oddly there was no mention made of American resources of wind, solar, and nuclear. Why not mention these? Putin fears them even more than he fears our fossil fuel production, because once we transition to these green energy resources, his fossil fuel blackmail techniques will become meaningless and laughable to us.

It is also odd to read an essay entirely on the topic of fossil fuels that fails to mention climate change once, as if Republican legislators still clung to the bygone notion that climate change is not real.

Let’s bring more balance to this topic. Let’s even dare to mention the topic of carbon pricing- supported by Senators Murkowski, Graham, and Romney- which has the potential to accelerate our climate survival and our immunity to Putin’s blackmail.


Chris Wiegard / Roanoke

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