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SCOTT DREYER: Headline Round-up

As reported in The Roanoke Star yesterday, it only took major news outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and many others about a year and a half to realize and admit that the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal is not “Russian misinformation” or a part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” but actually is real. Evidently, someone recently managed to repair the telegraph wires connecting the NYT, WaPo, and CNN to Delaware where the story broke.

At the rate we’re going, the Washington Post should be able to correct its misleading story about all 133 Virginia school superintendents disagreeing with Governor Youngkin by around Christmas…of 2023.

In fact, in our ever-changing world where global communication is instantaneous and some struggle to separate fact from fiction, as a public service, here is an end-of-the week round-up of some of the headlines and lead stories as reported by some of our beloved and universally-trusted media outlets and opinion-shapers. Certainly, no one wants to start a new month uniformed or behind the times.

Washington Post: Lee Surrenders At Appomattox; President Lincoln Looks Forward To 4 Years To Heal The Country

New York Times: King Henry VIII Granted His Divorce

CBS: Parents Relieved: Dr. Salk Announces Polio Vaccine

NBC: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated in Sarajevo; But No Need for World to Panic

ABC: President Grant Declares Yellowstone First National Park

Snopes: Despite Titanic accident, calls for hysteria are “mostly false” and “hate speech” against icebergs. In fact, 99.9% of icebergs are “perfectly safe.”

National Public Radio (NPR): Titanic sinking blamed on crew not undergoing adequate Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) training before departure from England

Richmond Times-Dispatch: President Roosevelt Announces New Jobs Initiative, Construction of Blue Ridge Parkway

Roanoke Times: Engineers Announce Dam for Smith Mountain, Which Will Flood 40,000 Acres Of Prime Farmland

Meanwhile, trending on our beloved social media channels known for their staunch defense of free speech and open inquiry:

Twitter: Twitter Hails The Babylon Bee for its Bold, Edgy, Insightful Satire

Facebook: Facebook Cares About You And Your Memories


Happy April Fools’ Day!

–Scott Dreyer

Scott Dreyer M.A. in his classroom. Dreyer, of Roanoke, has been a licensed teacher since 1987 and now leads a team of educators teaching English and ESL to a global audience. Their website is




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