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Democrat’s Policy Depletes Truth and American Values

The hypocrisy of democrats has caused commotion in the nation and created confusion among people. And now, president Joe Biden’s failed strategy in leading the situations domestically and internationally with the support of democrat politicians is misleading and misinforming Americans regarding the inflations and supply shortages in America. The Biden administration has no plan to reduce inflation and change the direction of the economy to ease the burden on the American people. The shortage of supplies and high prices of necessities are affecting the middle class and working people most significantly.

Democrats’ rhetoric of minimum wage increase was a way to deceive Americans and receive their votes in elections. The consequences of minimum wage increase can be observed in the grocery stores and food markets.

It is appalling to see Congress approving 13.6 billion to aid Ukraine, but they are objecting to secure the U.S southern borders and regulate the influx of immigrants. As the demand for housing, high homelessness, hunger problems in the nation, the Biden administration and democrats leaders are opening a door for thousands of immigrants to enter the U.S, and hence, put them and Americans in a difficult living situation.

For example,  Just in Roanoke as a result of the Biden administration’s strategy in Afghanistan, there were over 100 asylums arrived between August and September of 2021, because of high demands of housing, some of them stayed in hotels until the housing was provided for them. The failure of planning and miscalculation in handling the crises abroad creates severe difficulty for Americans. The strategy of the liberals in America does not favor cultural diversity as it seems but leads to the reverse.

The peril of democrats stretches further to deny human gender which is the base of life. Changing the definition of genders as man and woman is not only contradicting to scientific facts about human beings, it is a distraction from humanity and American traditional lifestyle.

Being conscious is to understand that the completed life and the continuation of humanity is composed of male and female. The liberal ideology is infiltrating American society and attempting to destroy the conservative families through entertainment companies such as Disney, schools by teaching transgenderism to children, and the judiciary system by confirming Ketanji Brown to the Supreme Court, who was unable to provide a simple definition of woman.

The depletion which is the result of the Democrat’s policy in the U.S, and the harmful strategy that affected Americans requires more than flipping the White House. It is important to replace Senators and Representatives federal and states wide.

Serwan Zangana – Roanoke

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