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How Can Corporate English Language Training Benefit Your Business?

Companies around the world have learned that corporate English language training is one of the keys to better business and that Preply Business, which provides English training courses, is one of the best companies out there to help in this endeavor. With customizable course sizes, an option for in-person or virtual classes, easy-to-see progress tracking, and so many other ways to tailor to your company needs, Preply Business has you covered.

 You may be wondering, how exactly do corporate English courses help your company’s bottom line and overall quality? With countless benefits and a great ROI, these are the things that we’re here to help you learn today, so let’s get into it!

Expand Your Client Base

When you incorporate corporate English language training into your company’s training program, you are opening the doors to a wider client base. English is one of the most popular languages in business and with over 1 billion people able to speak some level or form of English, it is quickly becoming a crucial skill for the globalization of business. Did you know that 70 countries have English as a first language, with another 25 using it as a second language? English is essentially the lingua franca of the world, especially the business world. Therefore, considering English lessons in Toronto, or Tokyo, or any other location, can greatly contribute to your language skills and opening up opportunities for global communication and business success.

Having employees that are able to communicate clearly in English will help better connect with your clients, as well as with fellow coworkers and vendors. A client who knows that your employees speak their language, even that someone is putting the effort in to learn their language, will feel like they are being respected and be more likely to work with your company. 

Your employees will also be able to build better rapport with those they are working with and develop larger networks, which will benefit the bottom line of your company.

Boost Employee Productivity and Confidence

One of the big benefits of company-wide corporate English courses is that they will boost the confidence of your employees, especially those who are not native English speakers. When a non-native English speaker is given the opportunity to learn and grow in their English skills, they will find themselves more confident in their daily interactions and tasks. They feel that they are able to express themselves more easily and clearly and that they are able to handle newer and bigger tasks now that they have mastered a new language because language learning is a challenge that takes time and skill. 70% of employees have stated that they feel more confident after learning a new language.

Employee productivity has also been shown to increase with language learning. Learning a new language improves mental capabilities such as memory recall, task switching and multitasking, focus, problem-solving, and many more. Higher productivity also includes lowering the number of hours wasted due to miscommunications because of language barriers. The benefit to your bottom line for your business makes for an impressive ROI with corporate language courses.

Find and Retain Top-Level Talent

Offering corporate English language training is an excellent way to make your company more appealing to potential employees, especially if you are looking to hire internationally. Potential employees these days are looking for companies that will put in the effort and invest in their employees’ professional growth. Potential international employees will see your company as more open-minded and employee-oriented, which looks great as far as benefits.

You may also find that corporate English training will help retain your current employees. For example, if you already have an employee with excellent technical skills but who struggles with their English, you would be well-served offering them this training in order to help them progress in their career. They will also have more opportunities for upward mobility, giving them something to work towards. Retaining employees by making them feel respected and taken care of will be better for your company, as you will have higher employee satisfaction and less turnover.

Create an Environment That Celebrates Diversity and Learning

In the same of employee satisfaction, your company needs to create an atmosphere of learning for the success of your corporate English language training program. In doing this, you will be encouraging your employees to work together to learn and grow. When you have that kind of environment, not only will your employees reap the benefits, but so will your company! Employees who feel like learning is a good thing will gain confidence and help your company’s overall well-being.

Encouraging diversity will also help boost the viability of your company. International employees and potential clients will see your company in a good light as they witness your willingness to embrace cultural differences and learn to work with them. Diverse workplaces have a better understanding of how to handle multiple kinds of situations and clients. They also look better on paper to potential employees and clients who are specifically looking for companies of this nature to work with, giving your company a leg up on competitors and opening your company up to more revenue.

Corporate English language training has countless more benefits for your company, but these are some of the biggest ones that may influence your decision of whether to invest in these corporate language courses. The wide array of employee benefits will create a better working environment with better working relationships in the office, which will in turn create a better level of understanding and working relationships with your clients. All of those will make for a healthier company across the board.

We are happy that you have read this far, and we hope this article has helped show you all of the benefits of corporate English language training for your company. Whenever you are ready to dive in and find a company to help you expand your employee skillset, Preply Business will be there to make sure you are in the best tutor hands. If you have any other questions or want to learn more about corporate English language training, feel free to check out our blog!

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