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DEVOTIONAL: Follow The Nudge

The LORD will guide you continually. -Isaiah 58:11 (NLT)

Dennis was out in the countryside recently and on his way back home he felt a nudge to go visit a 91-year-old couple. He thought “I haven’t seen them in many months, and since they’re both 91, it’s possible that I might never have another chance to do that. Who knows what can happen when people are that age?” So, he went a little bit out of his way and went to visit them. Like most people in today’s busy culture, he had a lot on his to-do list, but he obeyed the hunch and stopped by to pay a courtesy call. The couple greeted him and invited him in. Dennis and the man of the house sat in the sunroom and enjoyed a time of fellowship for about a half hour or more on a beautiful early September afternoon. They had a wide-ranging conversation and as they were wrapping up, Dennis mentioned he had read Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 in the Bible that morning which teaches that “there is a time and season for everything” in life.

Showing gratitude, Dennis thanked his elderly friend for many good memories of meals and other good times enjoying a lot of fun and fellowship at his friends’ home. Moreover, since his friend was at an advanced age, he realized that season was ending.

After their friendly chat Dennis bid the elderly couple goodbye and headed back to his home.

Exactly 14 days later, the elderly gentleman Dennis had been visiting with had passed away and went to heaven. Thus, Dennis was one of the last people outside family or medical professionals who had spent any time with the man who entered this world way back during the early days of the Great Depression. Dennis explained, “It’s a good thing that God spoke to me about stopping and visiting them, and it’s a good thing that I heard God speak. I feel so honored that God spoke to me to go by and visit them, because God knew what was going to happen. I was just very humbled and grateful that I was attentive enough to hear His voice and to be obedient.  Jesus said ‘My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.’ I’m one of Jesus’ sheep, and I heard His voice and I followed Him, and it was very special that I had that time with my friend at that last time.”

In today’s busy climate, countless needs and distractions are always clamoring for our attention while our endless to-do lists keep screaming at us. So often “the shiny new object” keeps us from what is truly meaningful, and we unwisely let the urgent crowd out the important.

Do you sense a “nudge” or prodding to do or say something? Or maybe, a nudge to stop doing or saying something? Could it be God’s Holy Spirit gently tapping you on the shoulder? Will you obey?



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