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Business Leaders Endorse Baugess, Bowers, Keller, and McGuire for Roanoke City Council

The Business Leadership Fund (BLF), a local political action committee representing The Roanoke Valley’s regional business community, recently announced its endorsement of the following candidates for local office in the upcoming elections:

• City of Roanoke: Dalton Baugess (R), former four-term Mayor David Bowers (I), Maynard Keller (R), and Peg McGuire (R) (special election). Despite Roanoke City’s long history of often voting for Democrat candidates, the BLF notably did not endorse the two Democrat incumbents seeking re-election nor the two other Democrats seeking a seat on council.

• City of Salem: Randy Foley and John Saunders

After an extensive interview process that included candidate questionnaires and in-person meetings with fourteen candidates for Roanoke and Salem City Councils, the BLF supports these pro-business candidates who have promised to:

• Expand the roles of both Roanoke City and Salem in regional partnerships, • Promote economic development policies, and • Support investment in education and community development.

BLF Chairman Larry Jackson stated that “The Business Leadership Fund had a unique task this year in choosing from so many qualified candidates in Roanoke and Salem. With the many challenges facing our area on workforce development, business recruitment and retention, and crime, the Board of Directors believes the region will benefit from a mixture of fresh perspectives and experienced incumbents.”

Putting their money where their mouth is, the BLF gave each endorsed candidate a check for $4,000 with which to aid their campaigns and get out their pro-growth message.

The Business Leadership Fund was organized in 1998 to strengthen the voice of the  region’s business community in the public policy arena. Members of the BLF represent businesses in localities across the region. Candidates endorsed by the BLF have demonstrated key knowledge of local issues and have committed to policies that will help our region grow.

“We appreciate the dedication to public service that each candidate commits to when running for public office,” said Jackson. “This is an important election for the future of our region, and the business community should be an active participant. Early in-person voting in advance of election day on November 8th has already begun, so please consider voting early and supporting our pro-business candidates.”

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