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SERWAN ZANGANA: Bitterness of U.S. / Saudis Relations Brings Pain to Region and Working Americans

   The U.S relationship with Saudi Arabia has been on a rocky path since Joe Biden became president. Despite his visit to Saudi Arabia and meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman back in July, Biden was not able to dilute the bitterness between the two countries.

The Saudis have again reduced the oil production which was already impacting U.S oil prices and perturbed American lawmakers to the point that they are thinking about reevaluating our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

However, pulling the roots of U.S interests out of the Arab peninsula and shifting the direction away from the Saudis will not only affect the region, but will also negatively impact the U.S. Clearly, it is a fiasco of President Biden and the majority of U.S lawmakers that has driven the relationship between U.S and Saudi Arabia to this level.

By standing behind president Biden, democrats have promoted the failure of U.S policy which is leading to problematic if not disastrous situations both internationally and domestically. Blaming the Saudis for cutting oil production that causes the increase of oil prices is only one reason that the Biden administration and democrats are telling Americans, but in fact the bitterness now developing in the relationship and reducing oil production are the result of the Biden administration’s strategy per se in dealing with Saudi Arabia.

The U.S-Saudis relationship has always been centered around mutual interests for decades. But now retracting from such a relationship, the United States will leave a critical gap in the region. However, the U.S dependence on foreign resources often produces conflicts in the world, and in most cases Americans pay the price for such conflicts.

Obviously, under the Biden administration U.S diplomacy has failed because of his incapability in negotiation and then made worse by the conceited mentality of the politicians involved and immaturity in planning a viable strategy to deal with situations around the world. It is time to admit and realize that the president is unable to deal with Arab countries in general, and to maintain the historic relationship between the U.S and the Saudis, specifically.

In a recent interview with Alhurra T.V channel which broadcast in Arabic, oil and world economic advisor Muhammed Alsabban clearly declared that the Saudis did not agree with Mr. Biden, during his visit to Saudi Arabia back in July, to remove Russia from OPEC+ and increase oil production. President Biden’s unsuccessful visit to Saudi Arabia has proven his incapability in representing the United States firmly and to convince one of the long time allies in the Arab world to align with Americans.

To sustain the relationship with Saudi Arabia and the oil producing countries, the U.S should not intervene in their domestic situations and criticize the ruling system. President Biden and the lawmakers have continuously criticized the Saudi government and condemned its princes for their ruling style and political system in the past. As a result of this the Saudis are aligned with Russia.

Of course, President Biden – nor the lawmakers who support his failed foreign policies – are struggling because of gas price increase and high inflation in the United States. Obviously, the hard working Americans who are always carrying the load are left with that reality.

– Serwan Zangana supported Operation Iraqi Freedom as a U.S army translator before coming to the U.S from Kurdistan, Iraq in 1997 to seek political asylum. He was granted asylum status and years later proudly became a U.S citizen. He currently serves as a correction officer in Roanoke.

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