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Pitts’ Recent Article Disingenuous at Best

In response to Leonard Pitt’s article on Aug 26, 2022 I find it disingenuous at best.  All citizens want a fair election process.  The Democrats claimed, “there had been no evidence of tampering” in 2020 so why does he think the Republicans need to tamper now?  Could it be the terrible economic conditions and high inflation under Democratic leadership?

It is a bad year to have a “D” next to your name so Mr. Pitts is trying to save a sinking ship.  The suggestion that his reader go to Google to get answers implies that perhaps Mr. Pitts was too lazy himself to do the work to enlighten the reader.

There will always be those who are racist and bigots on both sides of the equation.  My guess is that the Black ex-felons, referenced by Mr. Pitts, who were arrested were approached by a Democratic operative who offered them money for their actions.   Let’s see if they roll over and name names.  Will Mr. Pitts write about that?  Doubtful, it would not serve his purpose to continually divide our country.

Black citizens are finally realizing that all the Democratic promises are empty and most are no better off than they were 10 years ago.  Where did the millions of dollars go that were donated to Black Lives Matter? Have they ever been audited?

We haven’t had slavery in this country since Lincoln – a Republican – abolished it.  No one in the past three or more generations has owned a slave.  As Martin Luther King said, “ I would rather be judged by the content of my character than the color of my skin.” There is  equal opportunity for all who choose to take it.

Mr. Pitts has benefited from that as much if not more than most.  Maybe he was hired to fill a quota – it doesn’t matter, he was given an opportunity and a voice.  One can only hope he will use that voice to unite our country and not continue to divide it.

Suzanne Osborne / Roanoke

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