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Discover Asian Wonders | Culture, Food & More

A trip to Asia can definitely be one of the most exciting travels in your life! With enormous cities rich with culture, historical backgrounds, and natural attractions, there are plenty of things to do. Not to mention their delicious, widely-acclaimed cuisine we all know and love! 

However, planning an Asian trip can prove to be a bit challenging, especially if you do not have any pointers. So, check out our suggestions for the best food, cultural objects, and other attractions you should consider including in your itinerary! 

Korean Culture and Tourist Attractions

South Korea gets a separate section just for its gorgeous cityscapes and insanely popular tourist attractions. Just to get you started, you should know of its best locations! 

Namsan Seoul Tower immediately wins as the most visited site in South Korea. The establishment is known for being the first general radio wave tower in the country, but it is also the exterior that keeps you interested! The iconic landmark stands out on the horizon and is exceptionally eye-catching once lit up at night. 


After the tower, we suggest you take the train from Seoul to Busan to enjoy a different kind of entertainment! The city of Busan is actually very praised for its gorgeous beaches, local seafood, and international film festival. So, if you enjoy active vacationing, you should check out this lively city in Northeast Asia. 

Ride the Shinkansen


It might sound a bit weird, but trains in Japan are actually a whole other entertainment on its own! Their famous bullet trains, locally known as Shinkansen, are not only excellent means of transportation but also a tourist attraction. Plenty of travelers get the JR Pass allowing them easier travel just to get on Shinkansen and enjoy a smooth, quick ride through Japan. 

However, if you plan on doing it, we suggest purchasing the tickets or the railway pass as early as possible – ensure the desired seating and save some money! 

Asian Food

Asian kitchen is definitely one of the most famous and best cuisines in the world. The extreme popularity is very well-deserved, and there are endless ways you could try their authentic food. 

If you are a first-time traveler, you should stick to their most popular meals that will give you a good headstart for knowing their general menu. If you are in Japan, Sushi or Sashimi are your best options. Traditional Asian rice paired with delicious fish will freshen your taste buds and make your way into your everyday meal plan! 


Chinese food is yet another food chain that has gained tremendous popularity in the world. Quick, tasty, and full meals are relatively easy to make, and they fit as the best snacks, starters, or dinner meals. Try the Kung Pao Chicken that melts on your tongue, and order their famous Hot Pots if you are looking for something spicier! 

Korea is also right there at the top with the most delicious food ever! Restaurants all around the world are following authentic Korean recipes to recreate the food and give customers the most spot-on experience. If you find yourself in Korea, we suggest the spicy Bibimbap or the beef Bulgogi. However, the first thing you should order once seated is the Kimchi. These salted, fermented cabbage pieces are the most popular thing in the country and will become your favorite in no time! 


However good your local Asian restaurant may be, nothing can actually compare to the real thing. So, get yourself ready for the best meal ever, and make sure to leave a good review to the chef afterward! 

Natural Attractions

Finally, let’s talk a bit about Asia’s natural terrain. Some of the most famous wilderness spots are in Asia, so if you have a little bit of a daredevil inside of you, and enjoy adrenaline, make sure to do some research and choose what is best for you! 


We are taking such popular places as Mount Everest in Nepal, Jeju Island in South Korea, Ban Gioc of Vietnam, or the Dead Sea in Israel. All of these, and plenty of others, are awesome as vacation spots and great for testing out your strength, stamina, and taste for adventure. Just make sure to be thoroughly prepared! 

Enjoy all of the food, cultural side, and natural terrain on one of the best continents on Earth! There are millions of different paths to take on your journey, so you will easily plan something exciting. However, make sure to have enough time for preparations – trips like that do not come together in a few days. So, off to planning and have the best Asian adventure! 

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