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Do You Know About TAP Books?

TAP Books sells pre-owned books online and uses the profits to fund other TAP services. It also provides jobs to those who need to build their résumé. It’s a win-win situation, but we need the help of volunteers to keep the program running smoothly.

More than just books

Today it seems like even entry-level jobs require some form of work experience. It’s a Catch-22: you won’t be hired without experience, but you can’t gain experience without being hired.

TAP Books is a social enterprise that opened in 2018. Staff scan, file, and warehouse donated books in order to sell them online to generate profit. This financially supports other TAP programs. But its mission extends beyond simply generating financial support—it’s also about providing reliable work to encourage growth in job skills. With an open mind and an “outside-the-box” mentality, staff have the chance to strengthen the program, gain valuable work experience, build their résumés, and convert their skills into something of greater value.

How you can help

Our staff work hard, but they can’t run the program alone. We need the help of volunteers like you to keep TAP Books running. Sign up as an individual or a group and help support this valuable program. Contact us at 540.358.1079 or [email protected].

Donations are also needed. If you’d like to contribute, simply visit one of our 24/7 donation bins stationed throughout the community.

Here is a list of our donation bin locations:

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Latest Articles

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