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ROBERT L. MARONIC: What If Hunter Biden Overdosed on Fentanyl?

I personally wish that Hunter Biden has a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, anyone with a history of tragic drug abuse such as “crack cocaine and alcohol” as recently depicted in The New York Times has a lifelong problem of relapse despite expensive and highly helpful rehabilitation.

A week ago, I watched a few minutes of the televised highlights of the House Homeland Security Committee testimony of a Detroit mother named Rebecca Kiessling, who had lost two sons in July 2020 to fentanyl overdoses. Her maternal grief (no video) was truly agonizing and heart-wrenching (video).

In 2022 illegal drugs “driven largely by the spread of illicit fentanyl” (≥ 68%) killed 110,236 Americans. In 2021 fentanyl overdose deaths were almost as bad. It is no mystery that Communist China supplies all the necessary chemical precursors with impunity to the Sinaloa, Jalisco New Generation and other Mexican cartels in order to manufacture fentanyl.

Fentanyl, which is presently fifty times more deadly than heroin, is so toxic that if a human being or domestic animal touches, inhales or ingests one or two grains of fentanyl, it will result in instant death or “permanent brain damage” unless someone immediately administers the life-saving Narcan or naloxone.

If you do not believe me, ask any police officer in the United States why they always wear gloves and a face mask when frisking a suspect or entering a crime scene.

It is a national disgrace under the Biden White House that so much fentanyl has unprecedentedly been allowed into the United States through our 2,000-mile southern border and ports of entry. However, fentanyl seizures were also a big problem during the Trump administration in fiscal year 2020 from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.

Americans, who have died of fentanyl overdoses, are not expendable trash to be disposed of at a local crematorium, potter’s field or cemetery’s indigent section. They are not white trash, black trash, Hispanic trash, Asian American trash nor homeless trash. They are all human beings regardless of their socio-economic status.

So, what would happen if Biden’s son Hunter were to die tragically from a fentanyl overdose? Octogenarian Joe Biden obviously would then have no living sons.

I strongly believe that Biden’s behavior toward the Mexican cartels would emulate to a some degree former President George W. Bush’s comments when he stated that Saddam Hussein was “the guy who tried to kill my dad.” If in doubt, just ask any Iraqis, who remember March 20, 2003.

I greatly suspect that within days if not hours of Hunter’s funeral in Delaware the entire southern border from San Diego, California to McAllen, Texas would be locked down tighter than a plastic garbage can lid, thereby greatly reducing illegal immigration, illegal drugs, sex trafficking, gun running (to Mexico) and exploited child labor along with the necessary border security. The White House most likely within a week would righteously declare all Mexican drug cartels terrorist organizations.

Then I predict that Biden would quickly order the Pentagon to simultaneously launch ten or fifteen predator drones to destroy the command-and-control headquarters, logistics and manufacturing sites of both the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels for starters.

Our cold or phony war with Mexico would suddenly become a very hot one.

It would be a shame and moral disgrace that only when a son (or a daughter) of the president of the United States dies from a fentanyl overdose would the White House get serious about such a deadly dreaded drug as illegal and unmerciful fentanyl from Mexico.

What does it take to get the cognitively impaired U.S. President to realize the deadly seriousness of fentanyl flooding into the United States? I am afraid that I have greatly answered that question.

Or as Rebecca Kiessling, who maternally testified before the House Homeland Security Committee a week ago, stated, “This is a war, ACT like it.”

May God bless Biden’s son Hunter, daughter Ashley, his seven grandchildren and other loved ones.

– Robert L. Maronic


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