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Three Different Business Awards in Virginia – And How to Start Your Own

Virginia is home to several business awards, such as the following three. If your business qualifies, you might like to pursue entry or encourage nomination. Alternatively, or in addition, you could start your own business awards in Old Dominion.

Three Business Awards in Virginia

1. The Roanoke Regional Chamber Awards

The Roanoke Regional Chamber’s annual Small Business Celebration & Awards Ceremony will take place on October 19th this year at the Berglund Special Events Center in Roanoke.

 In addition to crowning the Best New Small Business in the region, the People’s Choice Award and Inspiration Award will be handed out.

2. The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Awards

The Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Awards encompasses several awards that recognize business leaders and heroes for their accomplishments.

 Every year, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce hosts large-scale award events, such as the GovCon Awards, the Good Business Awards, and the Distinguished Service Awards.

3. The Virginia Business Awards

The business news platform New World Report will be hosting its first Virginia Business Awards this year.

 The awards aim to recognize and celebrate elite businesses in Virginia, based on criteria such as business performance, business growth, longevity, and innovation.

How to Start Your Own Business Awards

Starting your own business awards can be an inventive way to acknowledge the hard work of entrepreneurs and companies, while also driving attention to your business.

 Take note of the following strategies to successfully establish, manage, and sustain your very own enterprise accolades.

Define Your Objectives

It is essential that you define the purpose of your business awards. For instance, will your awards commend innovation? Are you looking to spotlight industry disruptors? Identifying what you aim to achieve with your awards is the first step to take.

Design Awards Categories

Based on the objectives identified earlier, you should move on to designing appropriate award categories.

 For instance, if you are highlighting entrepreneurship in retail, categories could include ‘Best Customer Service’, ‘Most Innovative Retail Concept’, or ‘Retailer of the Year’. Make sure each category is relevant and aligns with your overall goals.

Set Selection Criteria

Identify clear parameters that entries or nominees must adhere to in order to attract credible participants and ensure fair competition.

 That could comprise criteria like company size, years in operation, or specific achievements reached within a defined period of time.

Select a Judging Panel

A panel composed of experts from different aspects of business can provide diverse perspectives when evaluating contestants’ submissions.

 They could be seasoned entrepreneurs, academic scholars, or industry thought leaders. Ensure your judging panel is well-versed in the sector relevant to your awards.

Plan Submission Platforms

You will need to decide on the method for participants to submit their entries. An online portal could be a convenient, user-friendly option. You could also allow submissions via email for those who prefer a more traditional approach. Make sure the process is clear and accessible.

Market the Awards

To attract high-quality entrants, you will need to effectively market your business awards.

 Use both digital and traditional marketing channels, such as social media platforms, email marketing, press releases, or direct mail to get the word out.

Decide What Physical Awards to Give, e.g. Glass Plaques

Deciding the type of physical awards to give out is an important aspect to consider.

 Many businesses opt for traditional yet sophisticated items such as glass recognition plaques. These plaques carry a sense of prestige and can be personalized with the winners’ names and achievements, making the awards a tangible reminder of the winners’ success.

Organize an Awards Ceremony

An award ceremony is where all of your hard work comes together. It is a chance to celebrate the nominees’ achievements and announce the winners in style.

 You might like to host an in-person dinner gala or an online virtual event, depending on your resources and audience preferences.

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