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Roanoke County Roundabout at Starkey and Buck Mountain Roads Opens

Beginning Wednesday, August 16 at 3 p.m., the new roundabout at the intersection of Route 904 (Starkey Road) and Route 679 (Buck Mountain Road) in Roanoke County will open to traffic. Construction has been underway on the new roundabout at this intersection since spring.

Roundabouts enhance safety, improve traffic flow and cost less to maintain when compared to traditional intersections.

Drivers should be aware of the following tips to use a roundabout.

– Pay attention to signs and pavement markings.

– Yield to vehicles already in the circle as they approach from the left and merge when safe.

– Navigate the circle at a slow, steady pace, and do not stop once in the roundabout.

– Use turn signals correctly to not confuse other drivers.

– Be aware of the speed and position of nearby road users.

Once the new roundabout is open to traffic, motorists should continue to expect periodic daytime lane closures with flaggers controlling traffic. Additional paving and pavement marking along with construction of the center island at the new roundabout will be scheduled in the months ahead.

Work on the project began in spring 2023 and is expected to be fully completed in late 2023.

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