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SCOTT DREYER: A Surprise Attack on Israel . . . And The Band Played On . . .

Last Saturday, as many of us here in Southwest and Central Virginia were enjoying the start to a beautiful October weekend, we got news of the horrific Hamas attacks against Israel.

Ironically and tragically, an all-night music festival in the desert touted as a celebration of “friends, love and infinite freedom” was one of the first targets. As the sun came up, some merry-makers were still present…when some noticed something odd in the sky. It turned out to be some Hamas terrorists swooping in on paragliders. It’s believed over 200 concert-goers were killed there alone, with others rushed off as hostages. Other terrorists snuck in via secret tunnels to wreak destruction.

Other images showed armed militants going door to door in kibbutzim, Jewish intentional settlements, killing and attacking. The images of those innocent civilians at the mercy of their armed attackers should send a message to us. Honor the Second Amendment. Don’t let the law-abiding population be disarmed.

Israel’s vaunted security forces are world famous. Some wonder, how is it possible they were caught unawares? Also, how about the CIA and FBI? I have the utmost respect for the dedicated, rank and file men and women of those services, but the leadership?

Since the Biden administration began, we’ve heard these outrageous stories about the US government targeting and surveilling traditional Catholics, parents doing their job as parents and using their First Amendment Free Speech rights at school board meetings but being branded “domestic terrorists,” the biggest threat facing America being “MAGA Republicans,” etc.

Could it be, by focusing their misguided attention on millions of their fellow Americans here at home, many security and Pentagon bureaucrats neglected to keep proper tabs on the real enemies of freedom? I don’t know the answer; just asking the question.

Around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, President Biden, to his credit, spoke publicly and supported the only full Democracy in the Middle East. “Israel has a right to defend itself, full stop”.

“Today, the people of Israel are under attack, orchestrated by a terrorist organization, Hamas,” Biden declared from the White House, with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken by his side. “In this moment of tragedy, I want to say to them, to the world and to terrorists everywhere: The U.S. stands with Israel. We will not ever fail to have their back.”

The sudden, surprise nature of the attacks led to the single-biggest loss of Jewish life since 1945, when allied US, British, Canadian, and Soviet armies finally put an end to the Holocaust and WWII.

Sunday, however, Biden made no public appearances. In fact, oddly, reporters at the White House heard music coming from the South Lawn. The press are limited to the North exit of the Executive Mansion, so they couldn’t see what was going on, but they could hear it, and it sounded like a party. 

When some reporters asked what was going on, they were told it was a White House staff barbecue in the Rose Garden.

OK, it’s normal for groups to throw an occasional office party, and it surely had been pre-planned far in advance. We don’t know if Biden was even present, and if so, for how long.

Still. On the second day of this surprise war: is the White House hosting a barbecue with blaring music appropriate? What message is that supposed to send about America? Or the administration?

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) wrote: “While Hamas holds Americans hostage, Joe Biden is enjoying a picnic with a live band.”

On Monday, October 9, Biden never appeared but sent out some messengers. Then shortly before noon, the White House declared they were “calling a lid.” The Washington Examiner explains it this way.

“The White House called a ‘lid,’ which in Washington lingo means the president won’t hold any more public appearances for the day, at 11:51 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. While the designation does not necessarily mean the president is not working behind the scenes, the decision nevertheless caused an uproar among Biden’s critics.”

Maybe Biden and his handlers thought since the “basement bunker strategy” worked during the 2020 election, where Biden basically hid out, they could do a replay now. But with the war in its third day, where is the US president, who hasn’t been seen in public since Saturday afternoon.

By Monday, it’s been confirmed that 11 Americans have been killed in the conflict so far, with an unknown number being held hostage.

As if you needed any more question as to who is in charge, or if any adults are really in charge, this was posted on the official White House X page at 3:00 pm, Monday, Oct. 9:

“Junk fees can add up to hundreds of dollars for working families.”

“President Biden continues to call on Congress to pass the Junk Fee Prevention Act to stop unfair charges by hotels, airlines, cable and internet companies, and online ticket sellers.”

To quote Biden himself, “not a joke!” It was a real tweet!

Within six hours it had garnered 3.6 million views and over 6,000 comments.

Most were unflattering. A sample of responses included: “Over 800 innocent people were murdered in Israel including Americans. Terrorists took dozens of hostages including Americans. And you’re worried right now about baggage fees?”

“Embarrassing. Such a embarrassment. Like I said before. Delete your scheduled posts. Read the room. Maybe delete your administration.”

“Who is running the White House? Whoever it is, they need to tell their social media interns to turn off the automatic posting of these ridiculous posts.”

“Unbelievably tone deaf.”

“I worry about it every day. I mean, I buy concert tickets a couple of times a year, so it’s a huge impact. I only buy gas and groceries once a week, so that’s not as much of a concern. Thanks, Joe, for making such a positive difference in my finances!”

Pray for the innocent people in harm’s way. Pray for world leaders. And pray for America.

–Scott Dreyer


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