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SERWAN ZANGANA: Dems Block Sen. Bills 723 And 68 To Keep Blocking Women’s Sports

Russian writer Anton Chekhov was once asked what a “failed society” is. He answered: In failed societies, there are a thousand fools against every reasonable mind, and a thousand rude words against every conscious word, the majority remains foolish always, and it always dominates the sane….”

The Virginia Senate Democrat majority voted against Sen. Bill 723 sponsored by Sen. Tammy Brankley-Mulchi, (R-Mecklenburg Co.) and Sen. Bill 68 which was reintroduced by Sen. Mike Peake, (R-Lynchburg) since Senate Democrats killed it last year (Cardinal News).

These two bills required students to participate in sports and compete on teams based on their biological birth gender, not one they identify with. Democrats have always opposed Republican bills protecting women’s sports. Seemingly, sports are just another subject to be politicized by Democrats, which causes stress and vexation for women athletes.

In fact, Democrats’ claims to defend women’s rights is a complete contradiction of their actions. They block every Republican effort that assures the fairness of sport competitions for women. Despite calls from women athletes to protect the fairness of sport competitions, Democrats either ignored the calls or blocked all the paths for resolution.

Back in October 2023, Roanoke College women swimmers expressed their objections to transgender participation on the women’s team. Indeed, they were the ones who were in a position and had legitimate rights to speak on behalf of women’s sport and the fairness of sport competitions. Unsurprisingly, Virginia Democrats failed to address the team’s concerns properly and support the members.

In this matter, the Republicans’ argument is not about being “anti-transgender” but rather to protect women and the fairness of competition in women’s sports. “This bill is all about protecting and empowering girls and women, period. It’s about fundamental fairness,”  said Holly Klein, Counsel with the Attorney General Jason Miyares’ Office. (Cardinal News)

Obviously, Virginia Democrats are either unable to define what feminism is and protect women, or perhaps they are in denial of the fact that transgender ‘women’ are not biological women. There is no doubt that transgender participation in women’s sport is both a violation of women’s rights and an invasion of women’s personal spaces and privacy.

“I can attest to the extreme discomfort in the locker room from 18-year-old girls exposed to male body parts and having to undress with a male watching in the same room,” said Riley Gaines, a former NCAA-ranked swimmer with University of Kentucky. She is another example of a woman objecting to transgender participation in sports.

It is noteworthy is that in 2022, transgender Lia Thomas participated in the swimming championship against Gaines. In fact, as a biological male being physically stronger than biological women, Thomas won first place.

Therefore, Gaines became a voice of women’s sports and spoke about the unfairness of the championship, in which a male claiming to be a female took the opportunity from the actual females. “I can attest to the tears that I witnessed from finishers who missed being named an All-American by one place,” Gaines reported.

Clearly, including transgenders on women’s sport teams in fact devalues and discredits women’s sports competitions.

In general, Democrats, the NCAA, and some college and university administrators have ignored women’s opposition to transgender participation on their teams. Evidently, women athletes’ testimonies and resentments of having a female transgenders who are in fact biological males on sport teams and in locker rooms and bathrooms made no sense to Virginia Democrats.

The director of so-called ‘Equality Virginia’ Narissa Rahaman conflates transgender females with biological females. “Transgirls are girls, transwomen are women…”  Rahaman claimed. (Cardinal News). By doing so, she definitely fits this quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

–Serwan Zangana

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