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Frank Beamer Guest Speaker At Roanoke Valley Sports Club

Beamer answers questions Monday night at Hidden Valley.

Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer was the guest speaker Monday evening at the annual Hokie preseason football banquet held at Hidden Valley Country Club.

Beamer offered a rundown of the upcoming Tech season and his high expectations for the team. He noted that this year’s offensive squad looks exceptional with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback and extensive depth in both the running back and receiver positions.

“With the size and speed we have in our receivers, it gives us the opportunity to score quickly, “ Beamer pointed out. “We have numerous strong running backs. It’s just a matter of putting it all together.”

He noted that the motto for the team this year is respect. “We want respect among our teammates, our opponents and our audience. “

Beamer answered questions from the crowd and gave his opinion of the recent realignment that took place in college football, noting that he had expected four, 16-team mega conferences. “It’s all about who brings value to TV,” he pointed out. “And, there is still uncertainty over where Notre Dame will end up.”

He was especially proud that Tech was recently rated number one by a Raleigh newspaper in a ranking of teams in a category relating to graduation and winning seasons.

The coach, however, avoided using the term ‘national championship’ in his remarks. “We should be good,” he said with a grin.

By Bill Turner
[email protected]

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