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Everyone Should Own a Dog

Recently, I was asked to serve as a reference for friends who are hoping to adopt a lovable, happy dog from the SPCA.  I was thrilled and honored.

For those who know me at all — you know all about the deep love I have for my two dogs, Jack and Blue.  Both were rescued from an uncertain fate and both have filled my life with joy and happiness.  For 9 years, Jack has loyally and lovingly stood by me in the darkest of times – when human compassion was nowhere to be found.  The adventures of Dog Blue – a more recent adoptee – have served as great amusement and hilarity for anyone who regularly reads my column or Facebook updates.  Let’s just say, he’s a neighborhood celebrity and we keep the vet’s phone number on speed dial.

As I shared in the excitement of my friends’ journey into dog ownership, it gave me a chance to reflect on my own experience.  While the following started as a private letter – one of the great hazards of sharing my life is that your story might end up in the newspaper.  So, thank you to the kind hearts and compassionate souls who provide a safe harbor for “all creatures great and small” . . . and for the “expecting parents” : enjoy the ride!

Dog Owner’s Manual: Volume 1

1. Dogs help us to be better humans.  May we all strive to be who they think we are.

2. The size of a dog has no bearing on the amount of space needed in the human’s bed.  They will sprawl, stretch and conquer until the humans are balled up in a corner with a pillow and they are situated comfortably.

3. Squirrels are their sworn enemy and must be kept away at all times.

4. Dog Mantras:

-Come inside, get a cookie.

-Look cute, get a cookie.

-Be naughty, get a cookie.

-Be nice, get a cookie.

-Humans come home, get a cookie.

-Humans leave the house, get a cookie.

-People come for a visit, get a cookie.

-Whine with discontent, get a cookie.

-Bark at the mailman, get a cookie.

-Wake up from a nap, get a cookie.

I think you get the idea….

5. No matter how ugly you look; how fat you get; how sad you feel; how much you complain; or how stressed out you are…. your dog will love and admire you.

6. I believe the Beatles had it exactly right when they said “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  This is why dog lovers help keep some Peace in the world…. they get so much from their 4-legged companions and it radiates out from there.

7. While a dog’s nose always knows how to get him into trouble – it seldom knows how to get him out of it.

8. In the world of dogs . . . play is always exuberant; joy is always heartfelt; food is always appreciated; and loyalty is an unquestionable and unmovable character trait.  We could all learn from them.

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