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Grandin Village Winterfest Heralds Valley Bank’s Grand Opening

Winterfest enticed patrons to visit Grandin Village shops.

by Cheryl Hodges

There’s just something about Grandin Village … the small shops sprinkled up and down the street, the wide walkways and even the new curbing all contribute to the inviting atmosphere along the several blocks that comprise the heart of the area.  The larger “anchor” businesses, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op, Reid’s Fine Furnishings, and the Grandin Theater, also have that down-home feel. Another business, new to Grandin Road, has just celebrated their Grand Opening, and embraced the entire Grandin Village community in the process.

Valley Bank opened a branch next to the Co-op and held a two-day celebration last weekend called “Winterfest” in which they partnered with the other businesses in the area to entice area Roanokers to see what Grandin Village has to offer these days. In conjunction with the Grand Opening, there was a grand prize – a “New York City Get-A-Way” that had a lot of people scurrying from business to business in the area to get their “passport” stamped.  Visitors could pick up a replica of a passport, navy blue and all, at the new Valley Bank Branch and have it “stamped by any 12” of the 24 area businesses and “return it to Valley Bank to be entered in the drawing.”

This got people moving in and out of all of the area businesses, from Cups Coffee & Tea to Benjamin Moore Paints, to Too Many Books… and eventually back to the bank where there were refreshments and balloons on hand. According to Valley Bank’s Susan Stump, Branch Manager, the event “was a big success for the area and for us; this is the first time we have attempted a grand opening in this manner. We were able to include the merchants of Grandin Village and everyone had a great time roaming around the businesses. We had fun meeting and greeting.”

The unique Village, which Stump calls “the greatest area—Roanoke’s best kept secret” naturally lends itself to such an effort and there are plans to repeat the event, or something like it each year, although it will most likely be under the auspices of the Grandin Village association, since the Valley Bank Grand Opening is a one-time event.

One lucky couple won the grand prize, but as one little girl was overheard telling her mom immediately after drawing, “We’re going to keep doing this til WE win!”

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