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Godsey Brings “100 Percent” Conservative Outlook to Race for 21st District

Tripp Godsey

by Valerie Garner

Governor Bob McDonnell endorsed Tripp Godsey’s primary opponent but he is not deterred. He says he will be “conservative 100% of the time versus Nutter’s sometimes.”

He announced his intention to be the nominee of the Republican Party at a June 2 Roanoke Tea Party meeting. Godsey is intent on defeating State Senator John Edwards (D-21) in November but first must beat the surprise entry to the race Delegate Dave Nutter (R-7) in an August 23 primary.

Godsey, 47, owns and operates two Farmers Insurance agency locations. He lives in the Jefferson Hills section of Roanoke City with his wife Melissa and their three children.

Though he didn’t bank on a primary opponent when he first announced, he believes the primary will give him an advantage. It will help his name recognition and help to get his message out. He is committed to making an all-out effort to be successful in the primary.

He first came to the Roanoke Tea Party’s attention in the summer when President Chip Tarbutton said Godsey answered their call for a candidate willing to challenge Senator Edwards. The Roanoke Tea Party has called Edwards the most liberal member of the Virginia legislature and “not so gently” placed a target on Edwards’ back. Godsey was unanimously endorsed by the Roanoke Tea Party on July 18.

President Chip Tarbutton said, “The Roanoke Tea Party is delighted to find such an upstanding citizen with no previous political experience willing to step forward and do something about the current state of our Commonwealth and Nation.”

“It couldn’t be more clear [Edwards] is at one end of the political spectrum and I’m at the other,” said Godsey.

Government regulation and its effect on business along with the uncertainty of Obamacare fuels his determination. Godsey said he “will protect Virginia citizens from the abuse of the federal government when it acts outside of its constitutional authority.”

He tells conservative voters that Nutter is a “sometimes conservative” and that “Nutter voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history” under Governor Mark Warner. He takes issue with Nutter’s vote mandating 6th grade girls to be given the HPV vaccine though he later voted to repeal it.

He said he would fight for personal property rights and against the Board of Education that “without constitutional authority has imposed rules and regulations on Virginia schools that have hurt not helped.” Godsey supports school choice while Nutter supports charter schools.

He says that Nutter voted against individuals’ privacy by voting for surveillance cameras on roadways. He also said Nutter voted against Governor McDonnell’s plan to eliminate funding for public broadcasting. Godsey would have voted against the cameras and for elimination of funding for public broadcasting.

On immigration Godsey takes Nutter to task for allowing illegal immigrants out-of-state educational benefits.

Godsey subscribes to the “rightful remedy” of states to nullify laws interpreted as unconstitutional. It would take 37 states to declare a federal law null and void. He would defend the 10th amendment and any attempt to end federalism.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s ardent opposition to the federal government and its mandates has been Godsey’s inspiration. He is also in “total agreement” with Governor Bob McDonnell’s plans for school choice.

Godsey graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1982 and received a B.A. in public administration at Elon University. Godsey is a lifelong resident of Virginia.

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