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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

Basketball season is in full swing in the high school ranks and the early-season results on the boys side indicate a lot of parity.

So far, Salem, Northside, North Cross, Roanoke Catholic, PH and Fleming have unblemished records. That will change in a hurry as non-district games proceed.

Accordingly, it’s time to start the Wild Bill ranking of the top teams in our area. And, if you’re going to have a poll, it needs a catchy name. I started to play off the Star-Sentinel banner and call my top teams the Starland Top-5. But, since Starland was once the home of a duckpin bowling alley and a tag-team wrestling venue, I bagged that idea. No use confusing our local keglers and graplers. Heck, I have trouble just keeping score in bowling.

Finally, it became obvious. Since we have eleven primary high school teams in the RSS coverage, I’m calling my group Wild Bill’s “Big-11”. This gives notice to the Big-10 Conference, Big-12, and any other subsequent conference realignments. I’m taking dibs on the name “Big-11”.

This especially applies to the Big-10, which with the addition of Nebraska, actually has 12 teams. I’m getting the jump on these guys- they were the Big-10 when they had eleven schools, so why should anyone be surprised if, after moving to twelve, they consider changing their name to the Big-11. No way, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, et al. It’s now officially taken by the Wild Bill column, although we may consider negotiations if the price is right.

We close our high school football talk this week after our last impressive squad, the Cave Spring Knights, fell to Brookville in Saturday’s state semifinal. Applause to the Knights, who went out fighting to the end, displaying class all the way.

I may be finished with high school football talk, but after the college BCS picks, it seems like everyone is talking.

Understandably, Boise State and Kansas State were miffed after being passed over by a pair of lower-rated and inferior picks. Ditto to Arkansas and South Carolina, who fell victim to the fact that they are in the best conference in college football.

As a result, the questions and comments have poured in. Here’s the best, and worst, for review.

* Why did Frank Beamer keep talking about not having to applogize during his entire media conference Monday?

Good question. Sounds like someone who wanted to avoid an appology. Like the guy who always shouts “I’m not guilty.”

* Did the VT pick make sense?

Nothing ever makes sense in the BCS process, year after year. Tech was a team that lost to the same conference opponent, Clemson, twice-by a combined score of  61-13. Go figure.

* Does this indicate the ACC, with two picks, is a power-conference?

I can’t quit laughing long enough to answer that one.

* What was the best quote out of the ACC this year?

Had to be the one from Tech’s own Eddie Whitley, who said Tech’s non-conference opponents left VT unprepared and were like exhibition games. Quite frankly, it was right on the mark.

* Who’s the big winner in all this?

I’d say UVA. The folly of the Sugar Bowl sent them to a quality bowl. Mike London and his squad deserve this – they had quality wins in a turnaround year for the Cavs.

* Any suggestion on how to get a ticket to the Sugar Bowl?

Two part process- 1) Travel to the Big Easy. 2) Stand on a corner with your hand out.

More next week, so send your comments to: [email protected] 

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