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Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup

by Bill Turner

March Madness for college basketball started this week, and 68 teams will battle to determine this year’s national champion.

For those mathematically challenged, have you wondered how many games (which in the first couple weeks seem endless) does it take to settle the matter?

Easy calculation- each game has one loser, so 67 games will thin out the crowd. Plus, all original 68 teams, except one, will end the season on a losing note.

For the record, three teams from the state of Virginia made the field- UVA, VCU and Norfolk State.

Likewise, in the trivia category, only two teams with less than 20 wins are in – West Virginia (19-13) and via the SunBelt conference championship, Western Kentucky (15-18).

It’s been interesting to hear many so-called “bracketologists” (what a goofy word coined by the ranters) pan the selection of UVA. Com’on guys, the Cavs were 22-9; although it becomes more evident each year, the ACC power outside of UNC and Duke is fooling very few.

The high school version of March madness concluded last Saturday with the full slate of title games at the VCU Siegel Center in Richmond.

The only Wild Bill ‘Big-11’ girls or boys team to make a final was the Cave Spring boys. The Knights made a valiant run (see article and photos to left!) before falling to talented Brunswick, coached by all-time UVA leading scorer Bryant Stith.

Hats off to Brunswick for their second straight title and sixth straight final appearance. Maybe Brunswick had the advantage with the game being a family affair. Two players on the 15-man Bulldog roster were Stith’s sons- Brandan and Broderick. The two scored 15 and 6 points, respectfully.

With both underclassmen, don’t be surprised to see Brunswick back in the 2013 final.

Congratulations to the rest of our ‘Big-11’ girls and boys teams for the commitment and hard work required to compete through the entire 2011-12 campaign.

As mentioned previously, the most prestigious award of the season awaits a member of each team when the Kiwanis ‘Unsung Hero’ is announced during an exciting presentation scheduled for April 1st.

Now to the always interesting mailbag, where sportsmanship and a reader’s plea to reconsider my rating on the “GoJo” gadget take this week’s center stage.

Dear Wild Bill: I watched the Cave Spring-Brunswick final on TV Saturday. The VCU arena looked packed. What was the greatest moment from that game? (Dennis/Roanoke)

Answer: The one with 2:12 left. Cave Spring’s Connor Baker had gone down hard scrambling for a loose ball. While down on the court with a huge gash over his left eye, Brunswick Head Coach Bryant Stith offered words to Baker, followed by handshakes from all five Brunswick starters; sportsmanship was at its best.

Dear GoJo Bill: I just love my GoJo hands-free suction cup device that allows me to jump rope while talking on the phone. I’ve lost 50 pounds and haven’t missed one piece of gossip. Won’t you reconsider the ‘NoGo’ rating? (Oscella/Lexington)

Answer: Well, Oscella, I might bend. I used a GoJo tactic on a couple of telemarketers this week, and the TV pitch may have merits. Works wonders when you see the pesky, dinnertime nuisances on the caller-ID, and answer “Seventy-seven, North Dakota.” They hung up ON ME four times.

Until next week, GoJo your inquiries to: [email protected]  

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